China’s TikTok Propaganda is Getting Scary

I do a deep dive on soft power propaganda from China on the Chinese version of TikTok. Their soft power is more hard power on their app, DouYin.

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Do not harass any of the accounts featured on this video. Be the bigger person and spread the word about Chinese propaganda instead.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. There is nothing wrong with what that Canadian man said about not referring to Covid-19 as the "China Virus" or "Wuhan Virus." It stokes animosity towards Chinese people, including your wife, who have absolutely nothing to do with any failures of the CCP. It's the definition of not conflating an ethnicity of people with their government, and calling it the "CCP Virus" is just an escalation. My wife happens to be Chinese too. Wouldn't it be really shitty if they were the victims of a hate crime by people who take anti-China nationalism too far? That woman ranting about how Chinese medicine is saving the world is ridiculous and we all know it. But when we take things too far ourselves we simply become her mirror image, of which there are plenty in America.

  2. You know it just occurred to me that their frequently used lingo: "privilege" "inclusive" etc, portraying rich white people as villains, and using that schlocky background music with the eye-rolling chord progression you here everywhere is frighteningly similar to PSAs and entertainment that is often in support of the Democratic party in the USA.

  3. You said, this woman at 11:00 and onwards reminds you of someone. In the context of Corona virus that is funny, but: She reminds me of a bat! She looks like a bat just before it bites. Too bad one can't add photos here. I found a nice one. Although on 11:51 she reminds me more of my little sister when we were 10 and 8 and she told me that she had reported me to our parents for doing something wrong and that I will now get the punishment I deserve… Evokes a whole tableaut of uncomfortable memories in me. Hehe.

  4. The insidious thing about this type of propaganda is … they tell no lies. Every criticism of the US is true … They just pretend the CCPs deliberate policies of murder and thought-control do not exist. The CCP is like a pedopriest telling me "Your dad beats you when he's drunk, so come spend more time with me and Jesus."

    Every country is evil, to a degree. Every government has corruption, to a degree. The key to making good political decisions is to know how to measure these degrees and see which countries are least evil. And if you do this, you will see that even with Trumps unmarked protest-suppression squad snatching people off the street, the US is still much less evil than the CCP. Because in the US, those victims get set free or get a trial, where there is a chance a judge or jury will acquit. China, those same protestors would be tortured into confessing or imprisoned forever without a trial.

    The CCPs strategy is to pretend the sins of the US make China an ally of oppressed Americans. Especially Blacks. But in China, black people were blamed for spreading COVID and banned from restaurants. That cannot happen in the US. For BLM to allow itself to be led by Marxists is a suicidal mistake.

    The CCP tries to convince capitalism's exploited victims that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." History has repeatedly proven that to be false. Communists exploit workers to a degree capitalists can only dream of. Child slave labor in the US has to operate as a hidden secret. Leftist lawyers are constantly tracking and lobbying against it. But in China its mainstream, and protests against it are crushed without mercy.

    The only way the US is going to avoid becoming a communist hellhole is if Americans work within the system to turn down the heat under the capitalist frying pan we're stuck in. But that won't happen if American's decide its easier to just jump into the communist fire.

  5. CCP education is to tech the kid threatening not friendly, mainland Chinese had damage by CCP
    Democracy : the more criticize on government the better it become
    Communist : criticize mean want to die

  6. I somehow found tik tok very very inappropriate and on top of that Chinese Propaganda started showing up unanimously on my mobile. I immediately deleted my account. I strongly believe it brings up security issues too. We cannot have those little eye devils ruin the world.

  7. This is brilliantly researched. Reminder to readers, this happens from all angles in all countries. It's not always this obvious. Look out for flipping opinions, Hypocrisy and hatred for the unknown. There are 2 sides to every story. I just hope we can find a way to all get along and hope for peace with the Uighur people and a vaccine for this virus comes soon.

  8. Pfff…China is the world of all my ass!! I’ve been living here for 7 years and I’m married to a Chinese girl. If they really think China is the world for all or think that China is very modern and international why all my friends who live here are struggling with some basic rights of living, if China is the future why they treat foreigners like shit! My money was blocked for a very simple reason, I just changed my passport and the information didn’t match. They made me go to the bank and call the bank for 9 months constantly and arguing and asking them to give my money back. But if I were Chinese they would do it in less than 3 minutes. People plz don’t believe these lies, China doesn’t support foreigners and they don’t even try to help. The people are helpful of course but if you are coming from a good country and you aren’t Iranian like me, don’t waste your time in China it’s really better to go to another country and start your life there. I have no choice cuz my own country is even worse and is the worst. So between bad and worse I have to choose one.

  9. That woman ranting about Chinese medicine in particular was hilarious. The glorious medicinal history that they wiped away during the Cultural Revolution making it necessary for doctors to study in Japan that is.

  10. I just love the Chinese drone woman. She looks like she lives on nothing but Soylent Green. I know the one Chinese medicine , it's made with dried camel balls , Dragon blood crushed Unicorns horn and ground Uyghurs baby's after any useable organs have been harvested of course but I'm not familiar with the ingredients for that one endangered species and minorities go in to that medicine ??