China’s Zero COVID philosophy Sparks Protestors | American Experts Deny They Wanted the Same

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  1. Love your channel and discussions.I have Watched "The China Show", ( YouTube) formerly AVD podcast and the 2 guys really give an insight into what takes place in China. CCP isn't as sophisticated as I once thought. Taking "swabs" of inanimate objects/ killing people's pets/ sending rotten veggies in the food packages/ corruption/little children separated from their family, dressed into those ridiculous white pandemic PPE outfits and sent to quarantine facilities. Have watched sooo much of what takes place there- horrified!!! This is what some of our leaders praise! Naive or ignorant.

  2. Public health and sane biology = "let it rip". Its what nature does and wants. For thousands and millions of years. Nearly every human intervention is totally insane in the long run.

  3. Historic pattern. Let or force opposition to pop-up, then you know who they are, behead them. Mao did the 'let a thousand flowers', then Tiananmen, and now zero-covid. These dictators are not lunatics, they are smart ruthless tyrants. Same thing, lower degree, in democracies, power likes obeyers,

  4. The police hit us down in Germany, and this people want also the strong measures. Now the chinese are heros, here we got discriminated. Yes, hypocrites always this greensocialistic Liberals

  5. I read the book Premonition by Michael Lewis, it’s a good inside look at public health lunacy at the start of this pandemic. They really thought they were something when they figured out that closing schools would stop the grubby little chirrn from being a vector. They completely out smarted themselves by ignoring the fact children are not at risk or super spreaders.

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