Chinese Blackouts Are Revealing Something Much More Important About The Global Economy

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  1. Stagnation during a gold standard? Have you heard that the US had the longest and strongest economic expansion in the 19th century when it was on the gold standard and had deflation for 100 years?

  2. Here is another possible explanation: The CCP is diverting the electricity to weapons production, which is in the interior of the country. The blackouts have been occurring in the provinces along the coast, but not inland. Energy production is up double-digits since 2019 (which is the base year since they unleashed the Wuhan Flu on the world). China had been the world's biggest BItcoin miner, until Xi threw them out early in 2021. Throwing out Bitcoin miners was an energy-conservation step – yet, now they have blackouts?
    Weapons production consumes a lot of energy (research the Tennessee Valley Authority and their role in the making of the atomic bomb).
    So you have to wonder if the CCP has been directing the power supply to the inland provinces where they make weapons and munitions.

  3. Gold was never the common currency. Silver was the peoples money. I would rather have a brick of gold or silver then fiat on an island. I can find uses for it, especially the silver. In time, if I ever get rescued, There is no telling if the currency is worth anything if it has degraded/rotted or the government has failed. Same with bitcoin. Gold and silver will be just fine.

  4. that is one of the proofs we need to regulate the advance of real state and try to control the excess of human population
    The majority of our problems today are debts caused by governments who are helping real state to develop with money that do not exist, that is why they are having this agenda of "low down the costs of infrastructure", this would help them to pretend everything is alright while they can profit before everything crash

  5. Okay, i’m aware that the track playing from 13:29 is just stock music, but does anyone know the title/artist regardless?

    I’ve obsessively searched all over storyblocks with no success for hours now

  6. Energy creates wealth not the inverse. Most economist don't understand this principle. Modernity was built using high net energy surplus carbon base energy. That era is winding down as we humans have "high graded" the worlds fossil fuel reserves leaving much more difficult/expensive to recover low net energy surplus reserves. And "green energy" sources will not support the current expected standards of living either.

  7. There is no energy crisis only Propping up of Big oil and companies like GE involved in uranium/plutonium.
    Thorium Molten salt reactors could safely provide all the power we could ever hope to need using a material that has little to no use that's in extreme abundancy.

  8. Great video. Just a few curiosity adds:
    – one of the first theorizers of " energy money " was Henry Ford in 1921. Truly incredible by that time as it was unfeasible.
    – "energy money" would be naturally inflated by the increasing capacity of humans to produce electricity (tech progress) , while being somewhat constraid by a max cap (unknown) of total availablee resources on the planet as long as we remain a Kardashev type I civilization.
    – Bitcoin is actually the first "energy money" invented by humans, though not perfect since energy is irreversibly used to reduce information entropy ( PoW consensus), and cannot be transformed back. It's like a one-way store of energy ( Energy-> Work) , unlike for example energy accumulators like batteries, which are two-way ( Energy <-> Work ).

    Anyway would be nice to see a video dedicated to this very fascinating topic. Cheers!