Chinese jet intercept on RAAF plane a ‘provocative action’: Ley

Deputy Liberal Leader Sussan Ley says the incident which occurred last month between a Royal Australian Air Force aircraft and a Chinese military jet in the South China Sea is a “provocative action” by China.

The Defence Department recently revealed a “dangerous manoeuvre” by the Chinese J-16 jet posed a threat to the safety of the crew on the RAAF P-8 maritime aircraft.

“It’s a provocative action by China, and I come back to our government and our party’s strength and determination,” Ms Ley told Sky News Australia.

“I will let the geostrategic implications take their course with the current government. It’s for them to take the action that they need to, but it needs to be strong, and it doesn’t need to be taking a backwards step.”


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  1. The performance of the incumbent is what counts. Now we are having this "woman" thing dominating every conversations, its action we need to see. So far she has not said anything that is impressive. The party relegated to children's table need to talk less now as the LNP failed with China and energy.
    The LNP lost votes as they spent all their time criticizing their opposition and less on delivering.

  2. Damn Chinese, provoking Australian spy plane surveying their military base at Hainan province. The Chinese should apologize unconditionally for throwing chaffs. We demand the Chinese to hold a welcome party and throw confetti at us instead!!

  3. There is no minister for veteran affairs. Dutton should be over this like an attack dog. He should appoint someone to that portfolio and crack the whip on this every day. Veterans deserve a voice, Albo thinks appointing someone to be minister for the republic on the Queens jubilee is more important than vulnerable Aussies who gave their all.

  4. China's model is state sovereignty above capitalist interest which is a better model as it aims to prevent dictation from outside forces. The problem they have like Russia is that they don't accept sovereignty from emergent states like Taiwan and Ukraine, thinking that it must be due to the outside trying to break down the nations into pieces.

  5. Whoever voted for the new Australian government is stupid, but all the Australian politicians are terrible anyway.

    And somehow, we've got worse ones in New Zealand. Mainly our prime minister. That's an accomplishment. Now Australia gets to join us with full-on communism.

  6. So this happened in America Joe Biden would do absolutely nothing unless it was really late LOL go away Brandon take the dummy with you this white house with Biden Obama is totally worthless

  7. I watched this to find out about the Chinese attacking a RAFF aircraft. All I saw was about woke and women in government.
    Just as an observer the more females I see and the more wokism I see, the worse off the majority of the people are, as well as the earth itself, all on the premise of making things better. If you hadn't noticed the world is worse off than it was 2 1/2 years ago. Not from the debatable pandemic but because of the futile mitigation of it, which is impossible to do. I hope everyone is capable of realizing that by now.
    President Donald Trump warned Americans not to let the cure be worse than the disease. They didn't listen. Now we are screwed.

    This person (Ley) is untrustworthy. If anyone votes for her they are a fool.

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