Chinese Nuclear Plant NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN

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EDF, the French company that co-owns the Taishan Nuclear power plant in China, has called for the plant to be shut down following a buildup of inert gasses. However, its partner in the venture, China General Nuclear Power Group, has said it meets safety standards and should remain in operation. China had two important meetings this week—one with the U.S. that went about as well as the last one, and one with the Taliban that was, well less frosty, if not downright warm. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for that and more on this week’s China news headlines.

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  1. Cold war mentality….
    James Bond movies…
    No… the hero now is Leng Feng, the Wolf Warrior.
    He may become James 'Leng Feng' Bond….

  2. Look on my Russia brothers, on my Americans friends… All beated by people of Afganistan to hummiliated retreat… Look on people of China… Well are you sure you wanna be next?

  3. I know this is a Chinese news channel but without showing the full context of situations you can easily demonize anything you want. Now I am not advocating for the Chinese communist government but America has done a lot of fucked shit in the name of freedom and democracy so yes what the Chinese government is doing is wrong on many many levels but how can we condem when we aren't much higher on the morality pole in my opinion.

  4. At least there are some mainland Chinese who has a backbone to stand up against the evil ccp and xi the poo. People like Sun DaWu needs to be supported by the freedom loving world.

  5. Earthquakes, floods, food shortages, collapsing fake buildings, a virus, and now potential nuclear radioactive clouds.
    The people of China rrrrreeeaaaalllllyyyyy need to topple their government and start over. What are they going to truly lose by doing so?

  6. The tough talking of Biden fills me with confidence, NOT, he sounds like an ancient grandad in a wheelchair, Xi and Putin must shake in their boots every time he talks tough