Chinese People are Protesting Lockdowns More than Most Westerners Did

Faced with generational execution, a bunch of Chinese people show the civilians of the West to be decadent:

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  1. I’d have to imagine that leftists don’t like these protests given if we did the same they would lose their collective minds.

    There’s no better time for China to go full on authoritarian and or tyrannical then now. With Biden’s at the helm, what the hell is he gonna do with him and corrupt family being compromised by China? Smh 😑

  2. Eh, I figure the Chinese communist government will eventually massacre tens of millions of Chinese people, and this will disappear. But, it should hopefully throw a wrench in their economy in the process. And at least there's that because communists suck off donkeys. Edit: yeah, modern monetary theory is hopefully on the chopping block- because it's short bus as hell. Modern monetary theory eats crayons and huffs spray paint.

  3. Stop pretending the "Chinese people" aren't the CCP. Only the most vile bootlickers survived Mao, and now we have to deal with their barbaric offspring. They literally destroyed their humanity. Ever met a good person from China? NOPE! They are all manipulative scumbags. And when they do leave China and live in a free country, they spy, cheat, steal, etc. They don't assimilate. They train their kids to HATE the new country and destabilize it from within. Now we have Chinese all over the western world blaming everyone who is white for being racist, meanwhile in China race is EVERYTHING. If you aren't Han Chinese then you are subhuman in China. Stop defending the Chinese, stop feeling sorry for them. Let them tear themselves apart and suffer. Truman stopping McArthur from nuking China off the map was the greatest blunder in the cold war.

  4. While respect the Chinese People protesting the lockdowns and their governments rediculas idea of getting to zero covid policy
    The Tiananmen Square protest (1989) ended with the C.C.P rolling tanks over protesting students hate to think what the C.C.P will do this time.

  5. Yes, protests are a regular occurrence in China, but all protests in the last few decades have been aimed at local government. The difference now is, besides the size and spread of the protests, that the chants and the graffiti and the social media messages are aimed at Xi Jinping and the CCP. This is unprecedented. I am more hopeful than you.

  6. The army will get called in and they will get their arses kicked. Until the military rebels and the people join with the military , I doubt the CCP will fall by the will of the people. But their putting up a good fight within their abilities.

  7. That's the beauty of Monarchy or Single leadership regimes. The pressure causes the people to make major changes all at once when needed.
    Democracy and republics have just enough fake voting to allow the public to release pressure while things get worse and worse over time.

  8. Exactly correct about western countries specifically the USA. In 45 years I have watched the USA evolve to LESS freedom not more. Americans are fat and lazy and have been bought off with shiny things to the point of now allowing their children to be abused in public schools. They have ceded their responsibilities to a government that is completely corrupted to the point of being forced to report to the government a $600 transaction or face fines or prison time. The hell of it is their tax money will hire 87,000 agents to implement this. We won’t even get into culture…Pretty damn disgusting, all of it.

  9. good for the China Chinese. in Malaysia everyone hopped on one stupid fad to next. Stupidest one was having poor people hang white flags outside their homes during lockdown so food and water can be sent to them by nimby volunteers

  10. Well, the level of oppression and abuse they experienced are probably a lot worse than most western countries and over a longer period, so they must really be fed up and very angry already, that insane zero cov policy is still ongoing even today where many other countries abandoned the extreme cov measures.

  11. If the lockdowns had been as absurdly harsh in America had been as they are in China, I'm pretty sure there would have been an armed uprising.
    To be fair the only reason that hasn't happened in China is because the government deliberately disarmed the population for exactly this reason

  12. Maybe they protest because the Chinese lockdowns are much more brutal (i.e. welding doors shut) and longer? Because the government is intent on continuing lockdown, and not having any better option to hope for in the future, like a working vaccine (they're still not importing the Western ones; and I'm emphatically NOT adjudicating the safety here, just having options and hope).

  13. Feared being censored?
    How bout guaranteed to be censored.
    You know as well as anyone else, that it didn’t take much to be censored in the West.
    Hell, for someone with maybe 600 followers, ( which wasn’t a big deal to me), I’m still censored, for what, your guess is as good as mine.

  14. Similar (thought the chinese citizens where braver) to the trucker convoy rebelling from my home nation something i never thought would ever happen. God Speed America I hope you break free from globohomo.

  15. Even though Desantis shutdown Florida, and Nashville where I soon moved to during was too, I was never locked down. Still went to church every Sunday, shopped for my groceries in-store, went to the beach, and never once wore a mask. Not much to protest over. If movie theaters, small businesses, etc wanted to comply with that crap that’s on them, but I didn’t support them. Would go out of my way to cafes and coffee shops and restaurants that didn’t bother with enforcing. Again, I wish people had pushed back, but no one was really “locked down” in my states.

  16. I would expect Xinnie the Pooh to crack down on the peaceful protests sooner rather than later, he does not want those protests to get out of hand, because if these protests do grow any bigger, he will start to worry, he might go full Tiananmen Square on these protestors.

  17. It was funny seeing a comic strip the other day of Trudeau and Xi where Xi was getting madder and madder as he talked and more red-faced as it went and Trudeau was just standing there looking smug until Xi blasted off into space. And the last panel shows Trudeau walking away making a snide comment about getting China to space or some shit like that. To portray their little get together as though Justin won is hilarious. Xi read him the riot act and Trudeau took it on the chin like the little soy boy beta he is.

  18. I don't think the sheep (in the West) believe what they're being told, I think they want to believe it all so that's why they all masked up and lined 2 metres apart like lemmings…… They're like the spouse knowing the partner is cheating, but live such a comfortable life they don't want to rock the boat and risk stomping their own comfortable nest. That's exactly what this is in the west, too many people live lives of false comfort, built on debt or simply being born into a socio-economic status not earned for themselves and handed everything, that's how people in their 20s get deposits for houses they would never be able to afford, and it's not a cheap terraced one either, it's always a new detached build type. I like it when they day "I saved," yeah, working full time while living rent and bill free for 5 to 10 years offers much opportunity for easy savings, try paying rent and bills at 16 onwards, see what mortgage deposit you get then….

    And that's the point, too many people are so comfortable they don't want to risk anything by doing anything. An audience taking part in a pantomime…

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