Chinese Propaganda is RAMPANT on TikTok

I do a deep dive on soft power propaganda from China on the non-Chinese (American etc) version of TikTok.

Do not harass any of the accounts featured on this video. Be the bigger person and spread the word about Chinese propaganda instead.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. Yeah and everytime you try to criticize their country their defense is never even attempting to defend their shitty government and instead talk about YOUR country and its issues. Unless your country is perfect, you cant possibly talk about China! Wow!

    These people infuriate me. The insecurity and the closeted shame these people have for their country is hilarious.

  2. ´MERICA: NOOO!! China is using soft propaganda to impose their views!
    Rest of the world: Mmmmm ._.

    The whole world has consumed american propaganda from Hollywood to videogames. America controls almost every industry in the world, specifically entertainment. I do not support the regime of China, but let´s be honest, America has done the same thing, played the role of victim and hero.

  3. Laowai in Chinese can actually mean after all those years in China, he still look at the problem with western ideology. In that sense, laowhy definitely did a good job trying to spread his American propoganda based on what he collected about China.