Chinese Property Developers Are Falling Like Dominos

In this video we go over recent developments in the Chinese real estate markets. After Evergrande situation started to unfold, there has been much fear and distress across the entire industry. Recently, two other property developers Fantasia Holdings and Sinic Holdings have also defaulted on their liabilities. It looks like things are getting worse and there are still quite a few dominos to fall in the market.

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  1. Poisoning of the corporate bonds will guarantee no more loans from investors and all these companies live on loans like oxygen. Good luck!

  2. In my opinion let them sink, may cause a correction in the rest of the market but they may be good. With the attitude of the CCP towards the western world they need to sit back and rethink.

  3. How could you even buy property in china. I thought you could only rent/lease land for 70 years and you are never be able to buy land in china and becouse of this you couldn't own a building in china (as the land is never yours to begin with)

  4. Add it to their growing list of woes. foreign manufacturers lining up to move out, power outages with coal and other commodities in short supply- in conflict with Australia.. for the time being China is lucky to have Biden.

  5. No disclosure of material debt? Off book? Rating agency blind sided? How many such companies with off book debts exist and how many investment funds exposed to this region are in danger? Wall Street still bullish about investment there still?

  6. 🐻 r fuk because not only do their prediction has to technically happen they have to also fight the world at large which will try everything to prevent said disaster from happening. This isn't bullish or bearish content. This is just a guy trying to milk the evergrande disaster for all its worth even though the Chinese stock markets has finally moved on and gotten out of its bear trend. Bet this is the last video you will see on this topic as the views on Chinese Real estate is falling with cnbc not mentioning it in particular the past week

  7. I don’t trust anything Chinese when it comes to investing. It’s like Wall Street on steroids. The government has way too much supreme power. They can’t feed half their country. There is absolutely no middle class. Just extreme wealth and extreme poverty.

  8. It's been clear for many years now that Chinese corporate financial statements cannot be relied upon for accuracy. No one is willing to admit to failure so when things go badly, data gets falsified. It snowballs from there and now we're starting to see the results. This is going to get worse.

  9. Lol. Another China is about to collapse video. This is done deliberately by the government. They are popping bubbles and cleaning up shit over there in China. Meanwhile in the west…

  10. Never forget about the suppliers. Once the domino falls, they take down the suppliers and the whole real estate bubble pops. The suppliers are going bankrupt because of liquidity problems and that is the link between all these real estate developers. They can't develop without the suppliers. The projects would not finish and down payment would become worthless. Nobody is going to work for the developers if they are not getting paid. Once the public starts panicking, its done. When the people rush to get their money back from the banks and developers, stick a fork in it. Anytime you have a run for the bank, its over. The government wouldn't be able to bail out anyone.

    These developers got greedy. Just like Enron or Worldcom, they are hiding their true liabilities with off the sheet records. Their greed is their downfall. Unfortunately, this will take the world's economy down with it to a certain extent.

  11. Economists have been warning investors for years that Chinese companies unlike western public companies have no transparency. So everything you see on a Chinese companies spread sheet can be completely true to a complete lie and everything in the middle.

  12. China's real estate bubble bursting will cause a depression, not a mere recession.
    Recession's are primarily felt by bankers & businessmen.
    Depression's are felt by the common person.
    Many Chinese have their family wealth tied up in real estate.
    Many own multiple vacant apartment homes as their form of family investment and wealth.
    The homes will soon be worthless.
    Millions of once well-to-do families will be impoverished.
    Will their misery reflect on Xi and the CCP??
    Will Xi and the CCP still have the mandate of heaven??
    Will this be seen as a breaking of the social contract?

  13. China government make fool to people on evergrande issue…
    This reality devlopers evergrande almost 3 payment miss out on bond holder but china doesnt declare evergrande default.. and one more defaultor fantasia on Q…

  14. Go figure, China fails again.
    Excessive growth within a short period of time, totally predictable. If one reviews their history this is totally typical of Asian countries. Japan has been going down the toilet for years. Classic example of the Asians incapable of managing anything. When Regan did his propaganda tour of China decades ago, was the beginning of the end. Have said it before, never invest in Asia, it's an accident waiting to happen.
    On the upside, once again we can bring manufacturing back to North America, enough of the out sourcing crap.

  15. The real problem is that real state companies are also the biggest source of revenue for local govts, in some places of up to 85% of total budget source. You can hear the gears grind to an halt when you also account for the energy crisis going on there, a total shit show is incoming.