Chinese Soldiers Caught CRYING | Trump and China’s Xi Jinping Face Off at UN

A Chinese soldier caught crying on a viral video as he’s sent to the India China border? A Xi Jinping UN speech promises zero carbon emission and asks everyone to please stop investigating who’s to blame for the coronavirus. The US President Donald Trump UN speech says the exact opposite. US China relations are not looking hot right now. China is turning Tibet into a source of ethnic slave labor. A space company in Sweden turns on the Chinese Communist Party. The Chinese economy suffers as a food shortage crisis grows. That and more on this week’s China news headlines.

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Written by China Uncensored

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  1. I feel bad for the Chinese military. They are about to get sent to their deaths. Don't take India lightly, their military is scary as hell. India has air supiority and their military is far more disciplined. India is also our allies. China does something the US, Britain, and Australia will move all hell on the pacific.

  2. Chinese army are the most discplined, sefless,strongest , patriotic army in the world! And they always know who are the fighting for! Not like some country soldiers, they don’t know what are the fighting for. And be treated like trash in by their own people and country! You are just a boot on the ground!

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  5. Why did you guys have to do Bane like that, any other translation voice would have done.
    At least Bane would be a pretty decent guy compared to the likes of Xi Jinping.

  6. The “”crying soldiers” video, is actually chinese propaganda that backfired. The soldiers were singing a patriotic song, during which they are required to cry, because they are so full of joy to be protecting the CCP. Same thing happens in N Korea.

  7. Ping is Cold Blooded, so he likes his dumplings hand moulded in the shape of testilces served cold, straight up (they are supposed to resemble money bags, no they are ball bags)

  8. I saw other video showing Indians were crying:
    Plus corv virus, India is fuxxx up. The gov now tried to divert the attention to border with China to fool its people! How a country like this to challenge China? By moving 200,000+ soldiers to the border and crossed LAC and took heights of their side hills, try to fool its people to declare its nation’s pride and aggression. Hope one day China had enough with that and teach India again like 1962!!!!!!