Chinese State Security Warned China To Prepare For War With The United States Over Pandemic Backlash

Chinese State Security Warned China To Prepare For War With The United States Over Pandemic Backlash. China’s Ministry of State Security presented a report to top officials in Beijing early last month including president Xi Jinping warning of a major international backlash over the global pandemic.

The report said that they must prepare for the worst case scenario “armed confrontation” with the United States

While some in media are pushing Chinese propaganda there seems to be a plurality of both Democrats and Republicans who put the blame on China for the global crisis.

Its hard to tell how seriously they take the potential threat of war or how likely war is but many have already warned of growing military tensions between the US and China

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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. You are spreading fake news. Ask yourself who benefits from this "virus?" Prior to the virus, China was making shit loads of money, on the fast track to becoming the worlds largest economy. Now, they have been demonized and demoralized. Companies are pulling out of China, and the Chinese people are receiving hatred from people around the world, who are vowing never to buy Chinese products again. The Communist government in China is even in danger of being removed from power. This virus has obviously done great harm to China. Why would the Chinese government shoot themselves in the foot like this? The answer is simple…They wouldn't. The US, on the other hand, until just a few months ago was in danger of losing their status as the world's largest economy. This virus, appearing when it did and where it did, in China, just happens to slam the brakes on China's economic development. Wow, what are the odds. You also have to take into account that an all time record number of American CEO's resigned, taking their golden parachutes, just before the virus new emerged. Also, Bill Gates and other American elites had this plan all set in place to vaccinate the world, as a result of this virus. Again, what are the odds? The powers that be in the US were obviously behind all of this. This was planned well in advance. Even a child can see that what I'm saying is true…

  2. I have a solution it's going to seem evil but it's necessary we should use space force to disable all their crappy radar excetera and then just simply carpet bomb the ever-living shit out of China with 40 ton nukes

  3. war is not smart they have most of our needs thanks to there friends in our gov.if u have not been paying attention.they have become a major power thanks to the us and other countries crazy crazy crazy.we can and hopefully will take care of chinese gov.not with DEMS running our country tho………………………………………..trump may be our only hope for now.we must drian the swap and take back our name as the greatest country in the world.small biz makes this country go not giant corps.working class. people all people.sometimes i feel the medi is our wost enemy………………………………………………………

  4. Fauchi and gates were funding bat virus research at the wuhan lab. this is why gates and fauchi were able to predict this plandemic. you cant think in terms of countries anymore its globalists. so american special ops arranged for a virus to contaminate china so it could contaminate americans who then support a war with china. don't be fooled into war once again war is the agent of hate and satan. focus on your inner world meditate on saints not sinners. god has a plan

  5. Drop in seal team 6 swing doors wide to the over million Muslim reluctant organ donors jailed in China show them how to use their trigger fingers and what to use them with. Rice ens to kill

  6. Point blank. We go in take out ccp before Russia figures it out. Call up Russia say hey China needs a govt. Then walk the fuck out let Russia set them up with a govt

  7. An ideal!. Lock up all left winged media. Let's see
    What goes there. It would be. Weird wouldn't it
    And then we can our country were it was. Keep them locked for a year.
    And no one takes there places. China is going to be taken down. God! Will !i
    Along with the hidden enemy. Faith and it is written.

  8. China Communist Party must be having problems at home… Only reason any fascist regime wants to posture for war…. Citation : see all wars, ever….

  9. I want unlimited thermonuclear war. I can count on Trump to launch everything we have at China. I want a nuclear holocaust. I want nuclear winter. I want cancer and radiation to bath the Chinese continent for 1000 years. China is our mortal enemy.

  10. I'm glad my kids can speak Mandarin and English. Our American education system has been pushing Spanish as the second language of choice for more than 25 years. Knowing Spanish is not going to help you or your kids in 20 years unless you've been relegated to manual labor by the Chinese led government.

  11. Ever hear of insurrection by forming hate thru politics and devied the country by misleading the people. A unified Amerika is to strong. BLM= part of the insurrection by destroying the culture and Unity….

  12. I can see the Chinese backing the Democrats revolution when Trump wins the elections. But China needs to understand that if they were to back the Democrats, American Patriots would back the US military and would not stand a chance! Our military and veterans are battle hardened, where Chinese soldiers have NO war time experience!

  13. China preparing for WAR, yes of course , this is how the elite who are not gain all of the Earth, same ol same ol… The Rothschilds have perfected China's communist grip over its people and wants to rule the world by that same dystopia here in the West, They had hoped to sneak in and buy up the country which many dem states have done already, but thats been upset by trump, I think trump wants Israel as the worlds centre, but what does it matter its the same inhumans in all three countries, playing one against the other, they cant loose, all that happens id billions die in a needless war for these greedmerchants to swagger about over,as they have done for what seems forever,

  14. I'm bigger than most Chinese men. I'm an American woman. Bring it on commies! If Trump bombs the fuck out of China, I'll vote for him again!

  15. Real war starts differently this isn't it it's sneaky like finding and paying and funding antifa and BLM movement destroy us from within making sure that schools have Chinese philosophy Marxism taught have sports teams who care more about money then country or principal sell out. Thats their war with us not an all out war between armies. But subversion destroying us from within.