Chinese Tennis Star VANISHES After Rape Accusation | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the story of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai going missing after she publicly accused a senior CCP official of raping her

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  1. I wonder how many average Chinese citizens know about her post, since it was taken down after 30 minutes. . .
    I wonder what 'code words' they use to discuss the situation, since discussing it openly will result in the same thing happening to them!

  2. The worlds are all whores meaning the only thing that maters regarding China is money or inexpensive items, if the world would only turn around their own manufacturing and screw China is the only way we can avoid that terrible country, but money talks more than human rights eh

  3. Very poor reporting from breaking point. No pictures or profile of the top ranking Chinese official provided in this clip. No information on the original post by the victim or the what happened..

  4. A courageous person standing up to power at the cost of everything. As bad as we think we got it here, the Chinese government really means it when they cancel you.

  5. FREE HONG KONG, this is why everyone needs to pay attention to what Biden and his family have done and or doing in China. This is a bad government that will do anything to maintain its power.

  6. the guys on ADV China are really good on china topics if you ever need background. They lived in China, have wives from China, and read/speak the language (and taught english in china). Really good site, but beware the rabbit hole looking into China can take you down.

  7. I don't know what's happening over their and neither do you or anybody else. We can believe anything we want but it doesn't prove anything. Since there is nothing you can really do about this, it is China's country to do what they want, as the world regards the US, they always do what they want. I understand the trepidation but you're applying actions to their government (assassination, arrested, whatever else you dream) that you really have no idea what's happening. China has always moved at their own pace and let's not quicken the sleepwalking to war that we have going on right now, it's irresponsible. China was able to save their population from a virus that is still destroying human lives in the rest of the world, they seem to care about their people more than we do here or so many other countries in the world. Be patient, they will communicate at the time of their choosing, you have no say.

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