Chinese vaccine comparisons

Chinese and Western vaccines compared

Big changes, all of a sudden

Live with the virus

Vice-premier, Sun Chunlan

China entering a new situation

Virus ability to cause disease weakening

Lifting most severe Covid policies

End of quarantine camps

People can isolate at home

No more family separations

Close contacts not taken to camps

Strict ban on blocking fire exits

No need to show tests for venues

Less rules on internal travel

Lateral flow tests to replace PCR tests in most areas

Lockdowns continue in smaller more targeted areas

Foreign travel soon

Cases, 30,000 +


Everyone will be exposed

Will the medical system will be overwhelmed?

National Health Commission

All localities, focus on improving the vaccination rate of people aged 60-79,

accelerating the vaccination rate of people aged 80 and above,

and making special arrangements

Prof Ivan Hung, Hong Kong University

The main way for China to exit Covid with the least damage is via vaccination and three doses of vaccination is a must

Hopefully before Chinese New Year (January 22) Rabbit


Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE)

The vaccine is safe and effective for all individuals aged 18 and above.

Individuals may choose to delay vaccination for 3 months following the infection.

An inactivated vaccine with adjuvant

(that is routinely used in many other vaccines)

with a documented good safety profile, including in pregnant women.

Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection and efficacy against hospitalization 79%

Does it prevent infection and transmission?

No substantive data

Does it work against new variants of SARS-
CoV-2 virus?

SAGE currently recommends using this vaccine

Not yet been evaluated in the context of circulation of widespread variants of concern.

How does this vaccine compare to other vaccines already in use?

We cannot compare the vaccines head-to-head,

(different approaches taken in designing the respective studies)

but overall, all of the vaccines that have achieved WHO Emergency Use Listing,

are highly effective in preventing severe disease and hospitalization due to COVID-19.

Comparison with Western vaccines

Pfizer original paper

BNT162b2 was 95% effective in preventing Covid-19

Later analysis from

Efficacy and effectiveness of covid-19 vaccine – absolute vs. relative risk reduction

AAR, Pfizer, during the trial period,



Absolute risk of a disease is your risk of developing the disease over a time period.

Five to six-months update, AAR

BNT162b2 3.7%

mRNA1273 (Moderna-NIH) 4.9%

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. Let’s see how many get myocarditis and all associated heart damage from a real traditional vaccine. I don’t wish this on anyone but for comparison sake. I bet only the west ends up with a worse epidemic of heart disease in the next 5 years and they’ll blame it on global warming, meat and cow farts!

  2. Hi John you can look Indonesia's data , here we took Sinovac (Sinopharm) vaccine arround 85% , the rest is AZ , Pfizer and Moderna.

    I can say sinovac vaccine helps alot to decrease the severity and mortality , but nit against the infection itself.

    In my observations all of people I know here already got covid naturally mostly after fully vaccinated. I can say it is endemic now.

    China policy to hide its populations from natural infections especially after most of them being vaccinated is just wrong policy , China will be the last country to enter endemic phase , we have to live with it

  3. Grrrr I can feel the spike boiling in my blood! We should have had a choice. 1. On whether to get vaxxed. 2. On taking a traditional attenuated real vaccine Vs. Experimental gene therapy.

  4. to 2:09 new variants please explain the old variants including the common cold are on holiday or run out of something explain now omega is rumpand in germany it is the big brother of omicron

  5. Thanks for the info. Just one thing to clarify: Most Chinese are not much affected by COVID except the first one month of the pandemic and after the Omicron outbreak. Before the Omicron Wave most Chinese can go anywhere to enjoy holiday and go to restaurant etc. Sporadic lockdown (mostly the border town and big cities with international air traffic) only affect a very very small population of the country in term of percentage. This is quite similar to situation in HK/Australia/NZ/Taiwan. Of course thing get worst during the Omicron Wave. Now the challenge is how to avoid death of the old ages like what we experienced in HK a few months ago. My info from people in Guangdong is that they are mobilization vaccination of the elderly in the last few weeks. Seems to me that they are timing this mobilization with the outbreak to achieve the best effectiveness.

  6. #12k👍🤔🤷🤣I'm 66 and got the J&J a month before my 66th birthday. I had some wild cardiac symptoms and treated them with Tenormin generic is atenolol 50mg.
    It was very unpleasant and I still have night time symptoms occasionally. I got the 2nd half of the moderna as a booster and got a 102+ fever. Not taking the latest brew!

  7. The Chinese nation has had to constantly contend with disease throughout its thousands of years of history. From ancient times to today, the country has accumulated a wealth of experience from efforts to prevent and control the harm caused by disease, particularly severe infectious diseases. It is worth looking back on this experience to see what lessons can be drawn from it.

    Circuit breakers, quarantine or lockdowns have been used by the Chinese throughout its thousands years of history to prevent spread of infections diseases

    China has a history of well written record of epidemic prevention from the ancient oracle-bone inscriptions, the earliest written records in Chinese history, show measures that were taken to fight disease thousands of years ago.

  8. There are experts who have stated from the very start that it is impossible to vaccinate one's way out of pandemic of a respiratory virus.

    What happened to the traditional Valneva vaccine? It was on its way to get European approval but things have gone quiet.

    I wonder why the UK government dropped Valneva as an alternative vaccine. I do have lingering suspicion. The mRNA vaccine technology will now be used in vaccines for other pathogens; that should be of great concern.

  9. At 1:18 1st, wrong way to give this jab, followed by correct way IN SLOW MOTION how to properly aspirate to make sure you're not in a vein, before injecting this vaccine. Thank you for showing this, Dr John Campbell!

  10. Had 4 jabs of sinovac with my 87 year old mum. Later Both of us had covid. Symptoms were so mild. No fever or sore throat just some runny nose. I was still working in my orchard during the infection.

  11. I want to say that you have to be very careful when you see everything related to the Chinese government. For example, Chinese vaccines. If it's effective, then why are so many countries switched from Chinese vaccines to other mRNA vaccines?

    In China, we cannot get any reliable experiment data about these vaccines. The Chinese government also heavily censors information or even discussion about the effectiveness of these vaccines. Some people get seriously ill after being vaccinated, e.g. acute leukemia, and they cannot even post this information online without being censored or attacked by government shills. The government or the manufacturer of the vaccines even pays as much as 200,000 cny to silence these ill people. Personally, I don't believe that any Chinese vaccine is good for my health.

  12. nooo.. why do we want old proven and cheap methods, we want new, lab bred never tested new technology so that we can pay more and let the rich to be richer, national debt to be higher and print more money so other countries can pick up the bill while we at it. You know those side effects? likely you need more treatment and pill for that, talking about an apple seed grown into an apple farm lol

  13. Have taken no vacc, no one in my family has taken any vacc.
    My whole family got omikron about a year ago, 7 days later same as normal.
    No lock downs, no mask.

  14. Dr. Campbell. A Pfizer spokesman told the EU parliament that they had never tested their product for preventing transmission. It makes me wonder what the primary objective of the vaccine was. To test positive for antibodies? Does it really reduce risk of death in novel virus exposure?

  15. The Chinese were slaves of the Communist Party of Xi Jinping.

    Chinese slaves were injected with fake vaccines for three years,

    The Chinese have no immunity to the Chinese military bioweapon virus, SARS-CoV-2. In China, which has stopped the cover-up operation of the Wuhan virus research incident, the number of infected people will increase and 100 million people will die.

  16. The UK had the Valneva vaccine, to be produced by Scotland and France — for some odd reason Boris Johnson cancelled the massive order the government had in with them; and then, surprisingly, a few months later pfizer bought them up…

  17. With Fauci's funding gain of function research in Wuhan I doubt there's a real vaccine. It's a supercharged virus that can evolve when it's existence is threatened. It's a super bioweapon paid for by U.S tax payers and an ultimate cash cow for big pharma.

  18. "Think of the oppression the Chinese people have been under for all these three years". Westerners will never know the mentality of self sacrifice so that others may live. John probably never had someone close to him die, just because he refused to self isolate. Good for you John like most westerners who think only of themselves. 1.1 Million Americans died from covid. I believe Westerners have not learned to be supportive of others, the next time around more will died if everyone is like Dr. John Campbell. Sir, you are NOT an expert on China. There is less ICU beds per thousands of people compared to the US. With 1.4 Billion people getting infected, hospitals will surely be overwhelmed. What you are doing is misinformation and as a Doctor, you should be more careful in presenting your thoughts.

  19. The Chinese government actually, genuinely, honestly believes that their country is likely being subjected to a bio warfare attack from abroad, that goes a long way to explain why they have responded to this pandemic in such a draconian manner.

  20. It is quite surprising that a "doctor" is picking out The traditional vaccine as "working in a different way". Traditional vaccines have been employed over hundreds of years. Traditional vaccines WORK. What is working in a different way, in fact, are the new vaccines, the Adenovirus vaccine and mRNA vaccines. And mind you, these are relatively new vaccines, not yet fully tested, otherwise we wouldn't have blod clots and other side effects. Another misleading info by our Dr. John Campbell.

  21. America has lost its manufacturing capability and wasn't capable of mass producing Traditional vaccines in the short span of time. The fastest and cheapest way was to come up with this mRNA. It is a race to come up with the first vaccine for massive profits.

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