Chinese Wet Market Tour and Important Warning

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My Chinese wife takes us on a tour of a typical wet market in China and shows people what the issues are currently.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. At 1:00 mark we can see a hand picking up what appears to be the pork leg then what happen after that, can you show the video from 1:00 onward about what she/he was going to do, did she lick her hand or did she do something else? Why don't you show it?

  2. Hospitals in the United States are clean and hygienic. In the United States, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it takes one month for doctors to use a disposable protective suit.

  3. China has a right to eat what they want, dont care. If this is their choice, dont travel or spread the infection and disease. They are a walking Petri dish. I have a right to my opinion as well and it is discusting that the eat animals that were not ment for human consumption. It is not just China it is all countries. France eats horse meat, sorry not ment for humans. Mother earth will release Karma eventually. Just my opinion.

  4. It's true that sanitation in public facilities is a problem here in China. Soap in the bathroom is rather unpredictable. Toilet paper is also a rarity in some parts. I started carrying tissues and personal hand sanitizer bottles everywhere I go. I'm pretty sure I've gotten sick because of the lack of sanitization. Much more could and should be done to educate and encourage the public about how soap actually works and why we need it, etc… Some of the chains restaurants are maybe a little stricter about sanitation. One place I think is pretty clean is 太二酸菜鱼 (tai er suan cai yu), and the food is excellent every time.

  5. Using sanitizer is not necessarily a good thing. Bacteria and viruses can become immune to the products and become more dangerous. They want to survive too ….. it is best to use a soap that washer them off our your hands or body.

  6. The Chinese Communist Party has created a 'wet market' in ethnic minority prisoners' vital organs, such as hearts, lungs, and livers. This is well documented and an atrocity which most China watchers know about.
    This harvesting of prisoners of conscience, organs is legal, official and with full understanding and blessing of the Chinese Communist Party.
    Prisoners of preference are teenagers of clean living minorities such as Tibetans, Falun Gong and the like. The organs are untarnished and fetch the highest price on the international market.
    So it's not CCP China who is the market but rather CCP China who benefits from the marketing of these commodities.

  7. People stop caring about their own health when they aren’t treated as humans, for instance China uses their people in a dehumanizing way, practically treating them like machines. It’s terrible honestly, the Chinese elite use their people as slaves while claiming it’s equality, equally poor, which isn’t even true, China has the largest class gap in the world by far. I mean that’s not really why they are unhealthy but it’s probably part of it.

  8. What is wrong with this Backward Ass mentality!!!! No wiping your ass after taking a Dump!?!! The WHO needs to disinfect these unbelievable filthy wet markets and burn themselves out of existing!! Frickin beyond disgusting!!! PUTRID!!!!!

  9. When I was visiting China I stayed for a while in Jiangmen. I was stop by a sugarcane salesman who wanted to speak to me. We spoke for a half an hour his English was excellent. Considering he was handicapped with a birth defect I found it curious that he could speak so well. I don't think China has a good attitude towards handicapped people. I expected him to have a poor education and maybe he did. But his English was excellent. While I was walking I was stopped by a young lady nicely dressed asked me if she could help me. I told her what I was trying to do.She was out for lunch and wanted to help me complete my tasks. She too had excellent English. I wish I had asked them both how their American English was so good.