Chinese Whistleblower Scientist Says COVID Was INTENTIONALLY Released By The Chinese Communist Party

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  1. Ok all conspiracy theories aside.. why hasn't any expert or REAL investigative journalist
    (if they still exist) asked these basic fundamental questions regarding the virus to the relevant experts or authorities on pathology:
    If it's a zoonautical spillover, meaning it came from nature..
    Then why wasn't there any rural outbreaks or cases prior to the market outbreak? How can this be? Were these animals born in the market? Where are the colonies of bats or animals from as in what province of China? Why weren't any teams allowed in to research or assist in the research? Why did China delay this until recently then never even have the WHO team go to Wuhan? Or invite them to visit the lab to show transparency and that nothing is wrong. Seems ez enough if that's the case.. Especially for them to save face, and to make others who accuse them to lose face..
    What is "gain of function,"?
    How is it used and made in virology..does this function have a generational shelf life..?
    As in over time mutate back to its natural form..
    Is it evident when a pathogen has gain of function added to it?
    If so, then how? And for how long? Was there a similar research program going on in the US and Canada?
    Was it cancelled? If so why,?
    Did the Chinese scientific research team that were found to be in the PLA learn this technique during their time in the US? What is the time gap between the cancellation of these programs and the outbreak of SARs covid-2?
    Can gain of function be used to weaponize pathogens?
    This are basic questions that have never been asked or touched on..

  2. Tim when you say OUR OWN SCIENTISTS…
    Do you mean the same ones who are saying we have 100 genders and that the world is going to end in 12 years because of Climate change ?

  3. You need to read up on the Russia hoax as well… mueller knew before the investigation began there was no evidence and the sole purpose of his investigation was a deepstate coup attempt to set an obstruction trap

  4. I remember before it had landed as the msm's new shtick and in the early days of the fear mongering (before they made us mask up a la China and significantly earlier than the closing the country ) that there were several reports about the lab in wuhan and the virus that "got out,". Most of that info has disappeared from youtube and the like. Short memory is a death knell these days.

  5. Tim: "what would the end goal be?"
    2020 Q2 GDP Growth; China +11.5%, S. Korea -3.3%, USA -9.5%, Germany -10.1%, Canada -12.0%, Italy -12.4%, France -13.8%

  6. Glad to know that I’ve been right all along. I was saying this at the end of 2019 before it even got over here.
    I’ve actually got a whole essay on my theory, and it goes deep.

  7. I've been saying that it's probable that they either released it on purpose or it leaked on action because of lack of safety since the beginning they were working on these viruses publicly asking for people that were qualified to come work there and giving lectures on them

  8. Simple, have three groups of independent scientists to investigate. None of the groups are allowed to talk to each other nor share their findings, have the Swiss as security for the three groups of scientists. and the scientist cannot be government Rats, there are to use tree independent labs to look at any samples. have them share their findings at the same time. Oh, wait… China would say no and will start acting out claiming that the USA it's trying to frame China. Common Tim, are seriously going to give the government who is running concentration camps the benefit of the doubt? Sometimes Tim seems common sense but other times he its just plain Dumb.

  9. Tim there is so much evidence out there that this is a bioweapon much more so then that this is natural. You already have research teams who have examined the actual genome sequence writing research papers that show they have found inserts into it that would be man made, also the Nobel prize winner for discovering HIV dr luc Montagnier who is the leader in the field agrees and you have a team in Australia studying the genome who believe the same thing. Plus there is a tone of research that shows they were studying it in the US in programs that were cofounded by the US and China, that the US was suppose to shut it down because it was deemed unethical but because the funding was already granted they were allowed to continue, and they were still involved in the research at the wuhan lab. There is so much more out there I don’t even have time or space to write it all, if you want more lemme know. Also, the idea that it came from the wet market is already thrown out as many of the original ppl w the virus could not be traced to the wet market and that wet market doesn’t even sell bats.

  10. If she is a lead in her field it might be cutting edge stuff where the experts would be countable on a hand not the sea of them we have on tv.

  11. They say it came from a bat/( insert animal ) but people over there have been eating bats/lizards for hundreds of years and there was no global virus, so why all of a sudden it’s here now? I believe it did not come from a wet market

  12. Tim is losing it.
    He's always been a little contradictory but lately it's gotten insane.
    I'm glad he is covering some of these stories that the MSM doesn't cover but "c'mon, man".
    He changes his opinion from one sentence to the next constantly.

  13. Remember dems were saying during the impeachment sham that whistleblowers are to be protected and cherished etc?
    Incoming cognitive dissonance in 3…2…1…

  14. Tim is wrong. I have been saying from the beginning; the CCP manufactured this virus in a bio-weapons lab.
    The motivation is simple – revenge on Trump for dismantling China's path to world supremacy. The CCP was well on it's way to controlling the entire world through economic power. Look how many American companies and institutions kneel to China, look at the way the Chinese have taken over control of the UN. That is how they operate – subversion and authoritarianism. They knew from historical evidence that pandemics are economically devastating to a healthy economic system. They are fine with mass genocide; of course, they are happy to kill off any number of innocent people to attain their insidious goals.

  15. China has a huge demographic problem. What is better than a virus that kills mostly old people and unhealthy people to work.
    In the socialist hive those people are disposable.
    And actually China is not a communist regime. Communism is impossible to achieve like Mises showed in 20s.
    But fascism is possible. And China is a fascist regime.
    Only people that didn't read anything about it, think that fascism is not just another form of socialism.

  16. While I still believe China is responsible for this, I'm not sure I would be open to believe they created it and released it intentionally without more evidence. It seems far more believable that it was being researched in the Wuhan lab, Chinese scientist fucked up and leaked it out accidentally, China decided to withhold information in order to put themselves in a better position than any other country.

  17. I have no doubt in my mind China created the virus, but I think it got out prematurely and China did not want to be the only country negatively effected economically. They allowed travel out of Wuhan until other countries started showing infected. Then they brought in the incinerators.

  18. Tim the CCP does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. The CCP has literally tried to blame the Wuhan Flu on. Africans, Southeast Asians. Middle Easterners, Isreal, Europeans, The United States and Japan. They have tried to pass blame on everyone else except themselves. People like that don't get the benefit of the doubt from me.