CHOMSKY Confronted Over Voting Biden Strategy

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  1. Here you’ll find one of the best pro-Trump platforms, maybe only second to Fox (“They don’t give a f**k about you” someone once said). Before anyone makes any comment: I’m not a fan of Biden. Now you can make your remarks, if you want. I think mister Dore should keep on going to Tucker’s show to get the applause of his braindead audience.

  2. There is no shining white knight on the horizon, four more years of Trump will finish things off. That's how stark it is, itvwill have to be done within the Democratic Party with a growing movement. Primaries etc vote the Corps out. This is the real world.

  3. If they don’t offer you ANYTHING, don’t vote for them. A vote for a democrat or a republican is complicity in the false dichotomy that is the US elections.

  4. I know you folks on the left don't want to hear this and will probably attack me for saying it but if you ever want your Democrat party to listen to you and reflect your values you have to stop voting Democrat. In the Republican party we could not stand getting candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney so we elected a guy those types of candidates absolutely hate. Now we have a Republican party that is populist and better reflects our values.

  5. CHOMSKY and SANDERS see parallels to the fall of the Weimar Republic and rise of HITLER. These fears are too easily dismissed by those with no heritage of the NAZI Holocaust. Nobody talks about their Jewishness because it's too easily misunderstood

  6. Neo-Liberal is PC Talk for Corporate-Fascist that are Equal Opportunity Employers whereas Neo-Conservatives are just blatant Neo-Confederate, racists and sexists under a PC label

  7. Here's the part I don't get. Is Trump against fracking, does he have a health care plan? Has he even mentioned climate change unless he's mocking it.? Does he have a plan to ease us out of our current pandemic? Biden can and should be criticized but damn Jimmy, you seem to have a blind eye toward Trump.

  8. Possible Explanations:
    1) Chomsky is getting old.
    2) America is fucked up beyond hope. The best way to minimize damage to the world is to speed up the disintegration-process of this evil Empire. If Americans need to get kicked in the face by reality to wake up from the American Dream and change the Oligarchy into a Democracy it has to be a hard hit. If this leads to real reforms the better.
    Just guessing…

  9. right off the bat, you bring up that shitty michael moore film.
    green tech has improved, even if politics haven't. but 'progressives' are really becoming a dooms day cult.
    please give us something remotely productive for the medium term. At least Noam is suggesting short term harm reduction.
    Not even saying you're wrong about anything. But I simply haven't heard a good idea in years. And most of the good ideas have failed horribly.

  10. Noam Chomsky is wrong!!! totally, Jimmy. Chomsky should know better. Discerning minds see thru this big fat pork pie of voting for Biden. Trump is not better. So many people pinning for Q and the "draining of the swamp" are delusional in thinking that is Trump. Well, how about stop the invasions all over the world? freeing Julian Assange, stop the criminal embargoes, cut the banking raquets, stop the genocidal grip of big farma on the population. It is sensational timing, isn't it? Q is only bloody, bloody ,blah until just election year to start "draining the swamp" when this and the rest should've been his top priority right from day one as POTUS. Best to vote for candidates outside the snake with two heads, or vitiate the vote.

  11. You don’t need to mention someone’s race if it’s not part of the conversation. I’ve never heard you say, “And he gets a response from this white man.” It’s just weird. Let Brianna’s words speak for themselves.

    I want to share almost every one of your videos, but stuff like that is just a bit cringy. ?