Chomsky Now Agrees With Jimmy Dore On Biden

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  1. Reason Thomas Jefferson gave for our original independence: "He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation."

  2. I'm an Iranian.Iranian's support the sanctions on the regime. This is an apartheid regime for women and all minorities. Weird how you guys support anyone who chants death to America. We don't want a war. The only way to get rid of this regime is by sanctions. Like South Africa.

  3. Ukraine is about to become the most dangerous crisis since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. And look who Biden has running the government (Nuland, the one who orchestrated the violent overthrow of the elected Ukraine government )… Biden has staffed his administration with people with extensive experience in dealing with Moscow, including Undersecretary of State-designate Victoria Nuland, Deputy Secretary of State-designate Wendy Sherman, and CIA Director Bill Burns, none of whom is likely to give Russia an easy pass

  4. What's surprising is that someone with the knowledge, intelligence and experience of Chomsky couldn't see it coming. Jimmy, did, I did, anyone in the true Left did. Why he didn't? He's old but not senile like Biden. When Biden "chose" Kamala as VP anyone could see Hillary and the State Department, that's remained practically unchanged since 9/11, would govern through her.

  5. This is what happens when you define yourself against Trump: you can be slightly better on certain issues and that is enough of a justification for brunch liberals to vote for you.

  6. So if, you really think about it, because America is awful toward the common Iranians, this makes their government remain in power. I know younger folks over there and they’ve told me, outside their country, that they believe the Iranian gov is a fraud no it is all political theater between their government and the US which basically keeps that corrupt gov in power.…Another veritable “road to nowhere” — while common people suffer…terribly.

  7. Chomsky lost any intelligence he once had decades ago.

    But people still act like he is still a brilliant thinker.

    Chomsky talked down to people not wanting to vote for the lesser evil. How about an apology you overrated fool?

  8. I don't think Chomsky grasps the long-term consequences of following a short-term lesser-evilist strategy. Neither did Bernie when he backed Hillary in 2016 instead of defecting to the Greens and taking his followers with him. Two steps to the right followed by a half-step to the left, repeated indefinitely, leaves you ever further to the right. You need to dump the left half-steppers and replace them with three- or four-steppers.

    PS: To people who object that "we need to protect the federal courts," they're already a lost cause for decades to come — unless a critical mass of four-steppers impeaches and convicts every judge and justice who belongs to the Federalist Society. One more reason for the bottom 80% to go radical accelerationist…

  9. Biden did get the building bill done and that’s all we’re getting. I don’t know if the building bill would’ve happened under a Trump presidency for he never shouted it because their narrative was last 4yrs are the best 4yrs.

  10. Biden’s Foreign Policy is distinguishable from Trumps. It’s worse than Trumps! Trump got a Safe Third Country Agreement with Mexico, the same kind we have had for years with Canada and….OMG, it effectively cut down Migrant Surge at our Southern Border. No! Yes!
    Biden–Harris Administration, in their zeal to abolish All things Trump, are making situations Worse, not Better. Chomsky, in this instance, is wrong.

  11. I agree with all points made here, but let’s not kid ourselves. We all enjoy some of the blood and treasure from US hegemony. A world without the Petrodollar would drastically reduce our quality of life. Some may be willing to sacrifice that but not all. I just wish we could all be more honest about it.