Chomsky Praises Trump On Ukraine!

Appearing on a relatively little-known podcast, Noam Chomsky revealed that the only American statesman currently advising the wisest course of action vis-a-vis the Ukraine-Russia conflict happens to be none other than… Donald Trump. Which must come as something of a surprise admission from the legendary academic and dissident who used to describe Trump as the greatest threat to civilization in human history and “worse than Hitler.”

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger wonder at Chomsky’s surprising take and also the fact that no one else appears to be talking about Trump’s recommended course of action.

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  1. US presidents are just a front man for the military and banking corporations that control all the corrupt politicians. Doesn't matter who is elected, they will all do as they are told.

  2. I remembered what Noam Chomsky said about the press BEFORE Trump was president. "The uniformity and obedience of the media, which any dictator would admire…". So the fact that the press went absolutely crazy in trying to remove Trump, that makes me think he was probably the only POTUS that is not a dictator in a very very long time.

  3. You're being very moronic. Which is it? (1) Chomsky has Trump-derangement syndrome or (2) Chomsky has an objective nuanced view?
    You're directly contradicting yourself

    And he's not burying the lead dummy – he's focusing on what matters which is the fact and not the personalities.

    Truly stupid video.

  4. 6:10 Chomsky was talking about Trump's opposition to doing anything about climate change
    Chomsky's position is not contradictory, and it hasn't changed either. Jimmy seems to think that saying somebody has a good policy on one issue means they must be all good. or better than the other guy in general. one policy is not all policies. Trump was also better on North Korea, and i'm sure one or two other issues..

  5. I wonder how Aaron Mate feels now — he was another one who foolishly thought Trump was a bigger threat to peace than Biden and voted for Biden on this basis.
    … how is it possible to be so misguided???

  6. Even the most revered "progressives" are in bed with the Democrat establishment and voters will still waste their lives being the mouthpiece for these people to gain more power. Grow some balls

  7. Soooooooo..Chomsky believed that Trump was worse than Hitler…..and now we should listen to this senile old fool. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Trump derangement syndrome really? He has always voted for "lesser of 2 evils", literally has nothing to do with Trump. I disagree with it and other things like his Covid stances, but the guy keeps telling the truth even at 93. Mad respect for Chomsky dedicating his life to peace, justice AND science ❤❤❤

  9. Trump murdered Soleimani, bombed Syria a number of times and expanded the US's occupation of E Syria. He also approved loads of military aid to Ukraine. He also threatened N Korea with annihilation (as did Obomber). I don't really know that Trump would do anything good in the matter. He was for example very much against Nordstream 2. And he was for NATO increasing its military speaking. Trump did slow down the deep state some because they were so busy trying to get rid of Trump. Partnership for Peace program was used to expand NATO eastward so not sure what Chomsky is babbling about actually.

  10. I've said the same thing but no one knows who I am! It is clear that the US made zero effort to stop this war and behind the scenes I suspect did fuel the fire. There were many diplomacy options that were never pursued.

  11. Neo Nazi militias started intense shelling of the Eastern ethnicly Russian areas of Ukraine on the 17th of February. That was one day after Biden predicted that Russia would invade which it did on the 25th. So he knew what was going to happen which means this whole thing is a US set up. Russia invaded not because Putin is a maniac but because Russian public opinion would no longer tolerate what was happening to their people across the border.

  12. According to the left , Trump is only calling for peace to help Putin, because Ukraine is kicking Russia's butt. Well chomsky got what he wanted in 2020 now reality is slapping him in the face.

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