Chomsky: TRUMP Is The Only Western Politician Who’s Correct On Russia-Ukraine

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to a controversial interview from Leftist thinker Noam Chomsky.

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  1. 3:47 BJG going on about Chomsky being critical of Trump and doing anything to get Biden elected over Trump in the past is all irrelevant to the matter at hand, not “an interesting departure from the past”.

  2. Robbie never finished a single complete sentence while questioning when Trump said that, instead he was just muttering things seemingly to hide that he hadn’t done his homework.

  3. Trump clearly said last month that we need to find a diplomatic solution and end the war before it goes nuclear. He also stated to not tolerate Putin threatening with nuclear weapons because we have them as well. Opening a dialogue with Putin and letting him know that he could express his grievances but don't bring up nuclear weapons again. Reminds me of Reagan who was tough on Russia but never absolute and was also open for diplomacy.

  4. This show u that hill/rising is Biden base,this show u misinformation by Robbie and nobody at hill will fact check him,but I’m sure if was Biden they will lied check for Biden and called u a trumper,show journalist get paid to lied for biy

  5. This show going down Hill so fast. Using positive right wing propaganda titles to entice then completely doing an uneducated opinionated 180 in the other direction.

  6. Specify: a terrorist, lawless, Fascist, psychopath etc, etc, politician whose only dream is" to be just like one of them Dictators.
    His only goal is to Destroy Democracy and " steal all the Loot for himself".

  7. Perhaps it was President Trump's making gestures to work with President Putin is where Mr Chomsky is getting this idea. It is true an openess to want to work with Russia was a part of his plan while in office.

  8. I bet Chomsky feels like a chump for telling everyone to vote for Biden over Trump, not that I like either but everyone knows that Biden has a 50-yr career of selling the people out for his corporate Masters

  9. Brianna Biden's doing nothing for the environment, in fact he's doing far worse than the "orange man" you do know that the American War Machine and the IMF Bank are the biggest detriments to the environment and Indigenous people

  10. Robbie has never been informed or correct on this

    Trump has been critical of NATO, a corrupt US backed European military alliance which is at the core out the problem & war

    Biden family & DNC corruption is via NATO

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