CHOP Larpers Want Curfew After Yet ANOTHER Wild Night Rocks Their ‘Autonomous’ World

The denizens of the CHAZ/CHOP now demand restrictive new rules after one of the compatriots is shot and killed and others are injured during yet another wild night. Tim and Adam discuss the natural outcome of binary ideologies of oppression pushed by the left.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Of fucking corse the gen-z trans push is so they can have a speviall little caviar making them so unique that they "have" to be oppressed, that's why gender is infinite in their opinion, so they can have everything their way.

    The whole point about non-binary and binary oppression is spot on.

  2. So , when curfews were put into place , these people didn't want to obey them but now want curfews? ?What happened with not wanting law and order, of which curfews are a part ? Let the MORONS kill each other!!!

  3. "They have this rule where you can't talk to police".. Sounds like the ghetto… Please remind us why so much crime exists there again.

  4. Thanks for being vocal about these riots, vandalism, and looting! Joe Rogan seems to be in favor of these riots so i stopped listening to him and started listening to you!

  5. California is in experiment in widespread election fraud and idiots competing to see who can burn a state into the ground fastest

  6. White people are not going to discriminate when this laws pass. 90% of discrimination comes from the left. Remember the Democrats owned slaves and enacted the Jim Crow laws. Not Republicans.

  7. They're larping Violence Jack: Evil Town. Btw, if you haven't seen that anime film, might wanna give it a try. One of the most brutal post apocalyptic dystopian films.

  8. I don't watch much of Tim, but the way he just described analogue Vs digital is exactly how I see them too but have just never been able to articulate into something that simple. Genius

  9. Communism does not work in real life that’s why ussr collapsed. Look at the history we have had all of these, Just take the best of it and use it. Why people are so stupid

  10. Why would they repeal all of the anti discrimination if they wanted affirmative action? I mean affirmative action is discrimination… and it was always just a first step

  11. 11:30 white are the first to be attacked since they make up the most of the civilized world (not all but most) but these corporation globalists are obviously going to go after non whites once they're done with them. We already see this happening in the West. Non whites being racially attack by the same people who say they are fighting racism and all because you peacefully disagreed with them.

  12. Easy solution:
    For those not wanting help from police,health/medical services or any government assistance,just block off and zone and contain the area and let them fight or do whatever they want.
    They can't survive very long once food and water runs out,then the government goes in and do a clean up ridding of all the human waste in that zone.

  13. The father of the19 year old was on Hannity. That interview was hard to watch. Never seen Hannity get choked up like that.