Chris Cuomo SPEAKS OUT: I ‘Don’t Regret’ Helping My Brother, ‘Not A Hater’ To CNN

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky react to Chris Cuomo’s first nationally televised interview since his exit from CNN.

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  1. He is such a horrible person!!! Never trust him!! He should never be in public light again. He is saying he would lie, cheat and steal for his family…..which he will do for anyone in his side!! He is terrible!!

  2. It's so funny how everyone criticizes him for covering up for his brother. All the newscasters in usa lie to their teeth, they do it for money and fame, at least this guy did it for family.

  3. Nobody knew back when Covid started that the nursing homes weren’t prepared to handle Covid. It didn’t only happen in NY…it happened all over the US. People love Chris and the love for his family. He will be back, and I’m glad.

  4. I love cris como,family is everything,people make mistakes get over it,you are all not any better talking bad about people,when all you guys are being rude.

  5. Remember that time he was filmed outside of his house while he was supposedly quarantined in his basement in the Hamptons and then filmed his emergence from his basement for 2 weeks? This clown is a lying hypocrite and a egomaniac.

  6. So being a liar is acceptable ! He should have recused himself involving any story about his brother. He has blood on his hands covering up the nursing home scandal. Thousands died and he has no regrets! He should be in jail along with many other at CNN.

  7. Where did she want those in assisted living in NYC to go? There was already a tragic nurse shortage. Were they going to put them in with mentally ill or drug homeless in my city? Cuomo did a splendid job. Stop cancelling people out. It’s disgusting.

  8. Just an innocent question to which I don't know the answer. I don't know this story inside out, so maybe I am missing something. Put yourself in this man's shoes. Put politics aside, and make believe it is your brother (the one you love) LOL Which role/relationship would influence you most heavily, YOUR job or your Your brother? I have a hard time not leaning towards the latter. How about you? Just curious?

  9. Andrew Yang's book being prominently displayed makes me thing Fredo is either trying to get on Yang's podcast or perhaps prepping himself to shape shift into a non-establishment figure.

  10. The past is the past, a bunch of people are dead because of your brothers nursing home policy etc, and he is essentially an accomplice, the past will be the past when they’ve both done their prison time, given the amount of carnage it should be life in prison

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