Chris Hayes Says MSNBC Is Controlled By RUSSIA!

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  1. People!! Can you all see what Obama, Clinton , Comey RT al have done. Because they would not accept the results of the last elections they have turned rabid Democrats against the Democratic Party. Alan Derschowits, Jimmy Dore just to name a few.
    It is refreshing to see there are still some honourable people out there.

  2. Chicken Littles"The Sky Is Falling" And "The Excited States Of America" come to my mind when I hear this. It's concerning when the main news media falls into this category. They are supposed to be calm, rational, analytical and honest institutions. Trump's accusations of 'Fake News" rings more true all the time.

  3. I just wish you wouldn’t use those words because you have so much good information. I don’t agree with you politically but you are one of the few that actually comes after both sides. The main stream media constantly is biased against conservatives and to see someone who will come after conservatives but at the same time go after liberals is hard to fine. However a lot of people that I know don’t use those words and it’s considered offensive and I don’t use them either but I watch your show because you put out so much good information. Do you have to curse?

  4. There is a difference: I never doubted that Barack Obama was a US citizen so the question is why was that putting in his biography that preceded the book. In the biography wishes I was written by the author it said that he was born in Kenya and I believe that’s what really fueled the birther movement which by the way was first talked about my Hillary Clinton.

  5. How do you talk about Jeff judge Kavanagh and compare it to Tara Reid? As a rape victim it devastated me when that woman came out and her story just fell apart. One woman came out and said I never told anybody that he raped me. And woman that they were using against the judge said she told all these people the story and the people were like why do you never said that to us. Tara Reid is completely different her story has been collaborated by numerous people.

  6. I think they are going to get away with a lot of it especially now that we see it goes really high into the apartment ministration because so much of the media is hiding it. I don’t think that they’re going to be punished for what they did.

  7. Look what the Democrats allowed to happen to Tulsi Gabbard. I’m not politically on her side but she is a patriot and a woman who I believe loves her country but I think the Democrats thought that she would be a threat to their establishment. She is a woman that if she was allowed to go forward I think we went over quite a few conservatives. I think maybe want to come so “issues such as pro life it wouldn’t work for her but she could still have given Trump a run for his money but she would not of lined up with every single thing the Democrats wanted to do. All they want is a puppet and she would not have been a puppet at least not all the time.

  8. Again Jimmy, Another great segment….again, I am not even close to your political views….but love that you have the balls to expose the crazy on both sides! Keep it up!

  9. It’s disheartening, to say the least, when I read youtube comments on MSNBC posts who truly believe the information that network puts out.

  10. The truth between us is that which we must agree on. The issue I’m seeing here is that the truth is falsely labeled as Anti-Semitic, by Semitic invaders. Both sides of the aisle are controlled by their Israeli financiers. Trump is controlled by Ziosm

  11. MSNBC is not controlled by Russia it is controlled by Soviet Union Style thugs these are Bolsheviks warmongers have their name starts with a J Revelation 2:9 Revelation 3:9 John 8:40 through 50 exactly who they are exactly what went into Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution who financed the Bolsheviks to take over Russia the Democratic party is representative of the Soviet style take over but then again the Republican party is representative of the fascist Adolf Hitler style takeover

  12. Remember when he did the special on how Muslims aren’t trying to take the world over and if anyone thinks so, they are a racist Republican? He straight up showed you how Muslims are trying to take the world over. And it’s not just the American republicans that see it. It takes a fucking moron not to see it.

  13. “Russia Russia Russia”
    (“Marcia Marcia Marcia”)
    Can the MSM (e.g. maddow, etc.) stop beating that dead horse ???

    Its a joke ! …. and nobody is buying it anymore …. its a “nothingburger”