Chris Hayes Wrong On Lab Leak While Being A Partisan Hack

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  1. South Korea was stellar in controlling the virus and keeping down the number of deaths. They were number one in the world.

  2. Does it really matter where the virus comes from? Putting all efforts into stopping it would be paramount. It is starting to look like a witch hunt!

  3. It wasn't a leak. That shit was intentional, populism around the world has the elites shaking in their boots, especially the Hong Kong protest that were starting to gain traction on the mainland. China, and their lackeys at the WHO knew of human to human transmission and let 5M Chinese leave the country for their new year to make it a global problem, and not just their problem.

    Not that they didn't tip their hand to the western industrialist partners. Look up event 201.

    They brought the petri dish to the outside world and we are in it right now. The gain of function didn't stop inside the lab. When China went full lockdown, it put so much selective pressure on the virus that it turned it into the asymptomatic super spreader we now know it as.

    The experiment isn't over. We have never mass vaccinated in the midst of a pandemic, it's playing with fire. The vaccine is now creating intense selective pressure on the virus. It's creating a hurdle on the racetrack where only the "elite athletes" will be able to jump over. A mutation will eventually win that will turn it into the terminator.

  4. There is no journalism this is a que they're trying to control the media they're slowly gaslighting and propagandizing the country along with bs. A lot of people see it and we're getting pissed

  5. A talking head on cable news equated the virus to the insurrection. Saying there first needs to be a commission on the Jan 6 protest, then we can look into the virus origin.

  6. there’s only evidence on the side of the lab leak. I haven’t seen any evidence it developed naturally. If someone has evidence to the contrary please respond

  7. No problem with theories. I do have problems that they are using cultural differences to sway the argument. After reading the actual article, besides the title, it literally says in the article that they don't if they had the seasonal flu or it was actually covid. Also the workers were not hospitalized, they went to the hospital for what seems like the seasonal flu during the flu period. The cultural differences they are exploiting here is that in China, people don't go to the GP – there is no GP (unless you live in a small village where there isn't a hospital). People go straight to the hospital for EVERYTHING. Literally. Most people visit public hospitals because although private hospitals have good service but they don't necessarily have the skill the public hospitals have.
    And when they are in the hospital, they go for the specialist, because specialists are not that much more expensive than non-specialists. Usually each patient gets about 5-10minutes with the doctor.
    This is how Chinese health systems work, all the people who have potential and who want to make a name for themselves in the medical field work at public hospitals, private hospitals get second dips on retired public hospital doctors and then on either people who didn't make it to the public hospital due to grades/conduct issues, or they were really in a pinch for money and public hospital salary just couldn't cover for them that particular time, they are also the ones that tend to try going back into the public health system once their situation settles.

    From what I gathered most public hospital doctors look down on private hospital doctors, because it essentially means their academic life is about over.

  8. C'mon Ron, common sense says it much more likely to have come from the lab than it occurred naturally. The odds of it coming from Wuhan and nowhere else is a million to 1. Now news of 3 lab technicians all getting sick within 1 week increases those odds to 1 billion to 1. The scientists lied to us in order to mislead us to believe it came from nature were the ones responsible for the leak. There is a 99.9% chance it escaped from the lab and a .1% chance it came randomly from "a wet market". The fact the media calls it "the lab theory". Wet market theory vs lab theory…. 1 of these has much more evidence behind it and the other has much more conjecture.

  9. Taiwanese knew that the Chinese were lying fcuks
    They handled it great
    Maybe Jimmy can bring on that stooge from the black agenda report to tell us how great China is again?

  10. I want to hear from anyone who says Ron Placone has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Those people must be comedians as well to come up with that shit. I'm always down for having a good laugh…

  11. Democrats worked with China to create this…. let it loose to kill a bunch of people ruin the economy and blame trump and make sure he gets out of office. But it didn't work so they had to burn cities down and then finally cheat in the election. Now they're trying to cover everything up.