Chris Hedges DELETED From YouTube!

Award-winning journalist and bestselling author Chris Hedges has been effectively silenced by YouTube, with six years’ worth of Hedges’ show, ​​”On Contact,” deleted from the platform simply because the program appeared on the Russian-affiliated network RT. As a result, hundreds of episodes featuring interviews with a wide range of guests, the vast majority of which had nothing to do with Russia, have been removed from public view.

Jimmy speaks with Chris Hedges about this act of corporate censorship, and the danger posed by placing this level of power in the hands of a few multibillion dollar tech firms.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. One criticism of Jimmy. He complains about applebees, hunter… He never says a word about capitalism. Obviously in a money-driven culture, ur not gonna have empathy/principles.

  2. Drs. Chris and Dore, leave these media monopolists alone. Just print some pamphlets and spread the world. A hard copy is better than these visual devices in terms of retention and public memory in the long run. These censorships are like sanctions. It will blow back on them.

  3. everything that the ruling class is doing is only speeding their own downfall. they are making things worse for themselves by using authoritarianism to control the masses rather than address the complaints of the masses. and that its endangering the future of all of us…

  4. 1. Why Justice Thomas is against minimum wage: because it's the reason the demand for undocumented migrants is so high, and undocumented migrants are taking jobs PRIMARILY from under-educated blacks. Any time government over-reaches — like when it gets between two consenting adults and dictates a minimum wage — it causes problems. The better solution is to allow consenting adults to negotiate wages on their own.

    2. Why Justice Thomas is against forced integration: because it did more harm to black communities and race relations than good. For example, good, caring black teachers were bussed out of black neighborhoods and replaced with low-quality white teachers, to the detriment of black children's education.

    So, based on results, forced integration turned out to be just as bad for blacks as forced segregation, which is, again, is what inevitably happens when governments over-reach. The better solution would have been to simply criminalize forced segregation and allow people to integrate naturally, of their own free will.

  5. This plan been in the making as soon as Ukraine got rid of their Nukes. Thank the Democrats. USA was to provide protection in return. It's just all a plan in the making for many years.yet Ukraine and Democrats claim it's for democracy. Just like Iraq etc

  6. Hedges, talks about the merger of dems and corporate media (fascism) then goes on to say that this will only lead to the republicans bringing in fascism when populism in the R/s seems to be more towards a smaller government and more freedom (I’m neither, I’m voluntarism/ancap). Also he thinks its a new thing that the R&Ds are the same people….its been an illusion of choice forever.

  7. Y'all do realize, don't you, that we already have Medicaid and Medicare for people who are disabled and elderly? And we see how well that works (just barely). So why do y'all think "universal health care" will be any better? It only works halfway decently in countries with extremely high taxes and virtually no defense budget. What if we just lower the cost of healthcare instead, by making the price of each medical service totally transparent and forcing competition in the medical industry? — that seems to lower prices in all other industries, doesn't it?

  8. Jimmy you loose me there. RT always was an elaborate propaganda machine for the Kremlin not a harbor for free speech. Anyone who worked there either lacks good judgment or will simply do anything for money. Just cause some of the stuff that came out of that place was correct does not fix the bigger picture it represented. Do not glorify anyone who worked there.

  9. Bitching about demonitization is disgusting. If you rely on a company for revenue, ie YouTube, you are beholden to their values. You aren't entitled to YouTube's money just because you upload videos. Try and have an opinion on TV that isn't inline with the advertisers' or parent company's worldview. If you work for someone, you toe the line or you find another line of work. Get your own sponsors, or get a different website to post to.

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