Chris Hedges EXPLAINS The Bernie Sanders Issue (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Chris Hedges words are prescient because he's been there He was in Nicaragua, Bosnia, and Iraq when whole countries collapsed. He knows probably better than anyone what the indicators are. We are well past that point. Our country is already gone.

  2. Great work Sabby. Love Chris Hedges and this was a very good expose on BS, but he needs to reread What's The Matter With Kansas? Thomas Frank wasn't wrong.

  3. Everyone needs to tamp down the constant identity stuff and focus just on the common good. Buck up and realize it’s not all about you and your pronouns…or you’ll lose to the 1%

  4. The revolution is well underway and it is a fascist movement. People need to read the history of 1930's Germany. Then as now, the left was busy with stupid turf battles and squabbling. They all wound up in concentration camps, jails and torture cells. Today's silly woke lefties will be able to practice all their politically correct crap in the camps and when they pull it on a fascist guard their teeth will be knocked out. The best thing the Christo fascists have going for them are Joe Biden and the puny Democratic Party. I was once co-chair of my county democratic party. I can't stand them now. It's just one big, corrupt, evil corporate party. Oh, and you Republican voters … you'll get screwed too.

  5. I'm a doctor and a Marxist. I've treated hundreds of Covid patients & too many vaccine injured people. I will never forgive the American left for what they did during the Covid War. Crimes Against Humanity.

  6. It's apparent the Democracy of America is gone… we're in the age of Oligarchy. It's outrageous. The people have to kick this oligarchy to the curb!

  7. Yes, I too were getting Donation Request from Dem Pols that I'd never heard of or care anything about.
    Though I would hit the " Unsubscribe ", I was still being bombarded. So to end it all, I simply walked away from all email accounts that I had used for donations.

  8. I've been getting emails and phone calls from random politicians. It's disgusting and I'm offended. Bernie gave us hope and then kicked us in the teeth! I will never forget it or forgive it myself…

  9. 5:00 Yes. Same here, I'm getting spammed by all kinds of democratic candidates and as soon as i unsubscribe from one, another comes through. I never gave my email to the dem party or these pacs they're sending emails from.. Only to donate to Bernie.

  10. facts, he should’ve went independent. we’re at the point where we need build awareness of other ideologies, let that open the minds then get more members involved at the city and state legislators roles and once that happens then we can have plentiful background and frontline support. right now in the words of nina turner we are fighting on multiple fronts of total corporate corruption/super pacs and international string pulling

  11. The blowback from capitalism has happened already in the form of mass shootings. When people feel that capitalist society does not give a shit about them, they know that they are losing out in life and so if they are going to go down, they are going to go down in glory with guns ablazing.

  12. Elected officials should not be at the top in a democracy. They are representatives not leaders. In a democracy the people should be at the top. Democracy is an inverted pyramid.

  13. Gurrrl, it's You, Sab, it's YOU❤️
    You got the juice now. You got the clout. 😏😎👱🏾‍♀️💋💅👌🏽

    And I freaking KNEW that if you and Nick and the rest of the gang at RBN kept up with it and really stuck with it, it was gonna be something so extremely special and necessary. DO NOT STOP.
    👏🏽💯💪🏽👩🏽‍🏫👨🏿‍🏫RBN FOREVAHHH!

  14. Good show today. When I was a kid, I would listen to The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and I loved it, but I didn't really get it until much more recently…

  15. Old folks tend to be conservative and not risk getting arrested, unlike the young. Young people are more energetic, not afraid to take risks and are the best groups to protest. Bernie is a sheepdog for the Establishment Democrats. He wants to keep his power as Senator, so he won't rock the boat. On the other hand, Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader have been blackballed by the media because of their stance against the Establishment. It takes guts to do that-Bernie does not have the courage to fight against the Oligarchs.

  16. This is not shocking stop with the Bernie hate he is not going to campaign for the REPUBLICAN PARTY
    So he the actual INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST picked the Democratic Party over the Republicans Party and this is a crime stop
    Please remember they had to cheat Bernie to win both times
    Please stop with this crap
    If the young voters really voted at a higher rate Bernie would have done better
    Please have facts stop and acting like FOX FALSE/FAKE NEWS when comes to BERNIE

  17. Excellence video. Although i did not get caught up in the Obama phase, i was neck deep in the Sanders ploy.
    That was, until he pushed Clinton. Bernie did not have a movement, we who supported him did, and when he showed himself to be compromised, no one stepped up to take it to the next phase. I am 59yrs old and really expected the young people to take the reins and push it forward,but a lot of those in my age range who are loyalists, kept it from happening. Idid support Nina in her first run in Ohio, but running ad a Democrat is slitting your own throat as a Progressive. We need to break the stranglehold they have on our elections. When i saw the power structure at the end, the one thing that stood out as difference between the two Then it was power from birthright., Today the power comes from money.

  18. I think the pain that Bernie inflicted on all you Bernie supporters is the truth that socialist and Marxist have known for 150 years; this is a capitalist system and the ruling class are the capitalist class and that includes the ownership and control of the capitalist democratic political state.

  19. I wish we can just bold face say that Bernie is a con artist just like trump at this point. In all honesty is worse. Why? Because the level of deceit. Trump is in the open with his agenda and his actions. Bernie on the other hand completely through us under the bus big time.

  20. Right on point. I have been saying this to friends family. Trump and Biden are not the powerful they're puppets. The powerful are behind the scenes pulling the strings.

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