Chris Hedges: How Republicans, Democrats, and the Media Have Weakened US Democracy

Renowned journalist and author Chris Hedges talks about the many ways traditional media, digital media, and the two political parties have worked to prevent progressive movements and give rise to the growth of the extreme right

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  1. I am a Centrist, and I agree with you on many things, and was kinda enjoying you but you are so very one political party biased. To say that voter rolls were purged of voters but no purging of voters for years?? COME ON MANNN! You can't have tens of thousands of people die annually…psss, births do not === voters…duh. Explain this.
    Christianized fascism? WTF is that? BECAUSE abortion of near term babies is OK? BUT penalties to MEN who create babies and don't financially support them is OK? BECAUSE you can OK anything muslims want to do but christians no?
    uhh, Democrats DID campaign on free everything??!!
    Sanders was completely confusing with his 'SOCIALISM' garb! For years he fought against the corporations for we the people. HOWEVER, he sold out, NOT ONCE but TWICE.
    And you are sooo full of crap to prop up the Paris Agreement when that TOO is bull%hit corporation greed. THERE IS NO AIR OR SEA in THE PARIS AGREEMENT. NO DAMAGE, NO PENALTY when CHINA broke the agreement 5 months AFTER THEY SIGNED IT.
    Democrats use psych to and false promises to suggest that they are minority and womens best friends, then do nothing for them after elected.

  2. This guy makes a lot of good points, but notice his strong bias, and how he carefully steers you away from the actual truth about who runs America. None of this is a made in America problem, a certain tribe far away steers your entire government, and corporate greed is simply human greed taking advantage of the situation. Also don't pretend Creepy Joe got 80 million legit votes.

  3. Hunter Biden did not run for public office, he is in fact a private citizen and is entitled to some privacy. I as a private citizen would not appreciate my emails being publically published for all to see just because my father was a political figure, I feel sorry for Hunter that the magnifying glass of politics has turned on him.

  4. He had me until he just started unscrupulously labeling people… Amy Comey Barrett, cultist? What a prick. “Deeep deep respect for Islam” but if you’re a Practicing Catholic you’re a cultist? This guy is so freaking hypocritical but has some genuinely interesting insights that I want to pull my hair out.

  5. Intelligent, insightful, independent.
    Chris Hedges is precisely what journalists are supposed to be. But the mainstream media usual suspects fail because of money, pride, greed and the culture of fawning over the rich and famous.
    In the good old USofA:
    Education is dumb by design.
    The population is dumb by design.
    The media is dumb by design.
    Politicians are dumb by design
    And the rich & elite continually sip on the cream of the cannibal milkshake that is a mix of far right extremism for the poor with state centralised socialism for the rich & powerful.
    USA – Corruption incarnate by any measure when compared to all other western industrialised nation on this earth.

  6. Sanders ALWAYS misses his moment- that is HIS ISSUE. Is this about a Sanders political free ad propaganda? Or do you make a living condemning people like Trump, who managed to raise the black wage by $6k in 4 years ? The issue is that Trump got things done , that Sanders could never do in a high tax stagnant economy. Please please, do not claim to know how Jesus Christ economic program would look like. Remember the outrage of the woman who spent a years wages, on the special ointments, Trump had 1/2 the contributions of the high tech/Chinese candidate Biden. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU, How dare you summarize Trump's election issues by mumbling about Venezuela , used by the 100 percent vs Trump taqloking point. I SAW ENOUGH tom-foolery in Philadelphia, where the Repub/10 feet back ALWAYS , these watchers , tricked that it was 'break time' the good repubs, left the room, the door was locked, as it was cheating time!!. Prove it? Hmm, how about the Cops coming to keerp the repubs out, and then the Dems inside started papering the windows, hmm, why? After the BREAK, millions of the 4 million lead , was gone in a very short time. WHEN DID TRUMP GET CUT OFF FROM TWITTER? After mentioning the need to go after the tri-opolies!! Much of what yiu are concerned about TRUMP BROUGHT TO FORE??

  7. Here's how you know that this dude is a douchebag. He says Fox news, I hate to affiliate the word news with fox. Well, how the hell do you think most thinking Americans feel about CNN and MSNBC, CBS NBC, ABC, NPR? These are the most biased new stations I've ever seen. In fact, I listen to NPR solely to see how horrifically biased they are when reporting on "the news." If you want to see bias, simply ask yourself how many of these "news" channels have told the American people about the treatment for covid-19? None of them. How come no one in these news outlets is actually sharing with the American people information on Ivermectin which is literally curative for covid-19? They are all a bunch of bought and paid for gigantic pieces of shit.

  8. I'll listen to you once you're off putin's network and shoving his propaganda around. I used to think you were intelligent. Now I see you're so blinded by your own crap that you are working to destroy the country.

  9. I think Hedges is wrong that an Ultra-leftist could beat Trump in 2020. 81 million votes for Biden, and yet he won 3 swing states by a combined 45k votes. If 45k people had stayed home, Trump would have won re-election. The current demographics mean Democrats can't afford to alienate centrists, while Republicans can double down on any fantasy reality and win election after election, AND have their representatives primaried if they are not "pure" enough for fantasyland.
    Clinton could have won in 2008 or 2012, but couldn't win in 2016. Trump took on Obama voters who wanted change in 2016, and 2020 was a completely different election with a divided country, and a pandemic and mail-in voting. Sanders might have been able to win 2016, but if he lost he would be blamed for being too far left, so it is just too risky.
    I thought the Democrats would have won a landslide in presidency and congress, but the June BLM riots and images of burning city convinced many people that Democrats represented burning cities. Truthfully it was the first time in my life that I was glad I didn't live in a central city and glad I live in a first ring suburb more out of reach of the irrational mobs.
    I don't hold BLM responsible for the riots and arson, but it shows the predicaments modern protests have – you are either a peaceful protest that shuts itself down when violence begins, or you are a tool for the state to turn any issue against you.

  10. As a member of the working class, I do take umbridge with the educated class handing down manners to those of us unwashed. The academic class has fallen from their pedestal what with their 21st century lint-picking. How can I accept the guidance of the "learned" when they increasingly peddle self-evident falsehoods like "men can have babies"?

  11. Some interesting History, and some good point, however, I think it's a little early too early to right off Biden, the fact Bernie is in such a prominent role gives some hope, you know Bernie not going to be a pushover, as to the media 100% I did feel this was a little to Axe to grind but some really interesting POV.

  12. Dude you are calling Christians fascist. And acting like the Blue church of Abortion and mental disorder holders, are of some high good. F-You. And your deep respect for Islam. You are a fool!!!

  13. A discussion about how certain percentages voted for Trump or certain percentages voted for Biden is a focus on the tailings of the affliction where the impetus of the problem is the two-party system. Nothing that happens after the two-party system should be a surprise to anyone. Of course protest votes went up on both sides. Nobody in their right mind would vote for Joe Biden unless they were trying to get rid of a fascist dictator. And so it is.

  14. Interesting, even though he critiques the left, he’s clearly biased. Russia gate was a complete fabrication. To say Trump election investigation is based on “conspiracy theory” is pure nonsense. Trump had tons of evidence to support the reality there was an organized multifaceted election fraud by the dems. The courts clearly are corrupt in this country and didn’t want to touch it.

  15. Chris Hedges, seems to never lived within, the bowels of our " U.S. DEMOCRACY."
    He speaks, from a sense of entitlement, without realizing the "better good news"
    that through "ALL" his mental intellectual archival historical discussions, our
    "Democracy Survives & Thrives." Progressive movements will continue to rise.
    In my opinion, Hedges obvious false narratives concerning "Russia-Gate," has
    somewhat delusional mindset connections, with Trumpism loyalist & Republican
    sycophants. Remember, it was Trump who, removed courageous U.S. soldiers from
    helping protect our Syrian allies and allowed Russian pilots to bomb our Syrian allies.
    Chris Hedges cannot deny, Trump seems to have been a "loyal political ally & friend,"
    to the brutal Russian dictator Valdimir Putin… throughout his entire tenure in office.
    It doesn't matter which President is amongst the "Corporate Elite," the American people
    has the eventual power to… "VOTE THEM OUT!" THE POWER IS WITH… THE PEOPLE!!!

  16. As a Least Significant Child, I blame Wall Street's aggregated hierarchies attempting to enact a business plan of logical incrementalism by reverse-engineering propagand-istic major media narratives (and regularly needs parenteral injections of "Do you need cash now?"). Biden just named Guaido and will continue the neoliberal policy of gifting cost-recovery to energy companies by keeping Syria capped, too (as well as rely on some "wonderful surprises" from co-operating OPEC+ Members). Biden will have the same affects as Trump, because the banksters are their base, not voters. I also blame the false prophets who bring the Good News of Revelations and spiritual dualism.

  17. how can he say how many votes anyone got, when clearly there was so much cheating and fraud , there needs to be a full audit of the election! the law says that the election needs to be audited and probably re-done, but trump definitely won, and so hedges is full of it, and is nuthin' but a trump-hating democrat, who doesn't wanna know the real vote count! trump probably got 85 million votes or more, but we may never know, thanks to the negligent supreme court, and the criminal legislatures and state gvts! congratulations, so now you'll get chinese communism courtesy of the fascist democrats! brilliant, hedges is a genius!

  18. These are very cogent arguments, however the issue I see with thier approach or ideaology requires us to put faith in government leaders who have failed us. The government willfully participated and enabled this corruption and these guys wanna double down on that failure.

  19. Ah, so Mr. Hedges seems to be moving beyond his "no hope but at least we can muck things up by taking it to the streets nonviolently" to advocating a (perhaps Democratic) platform of Medicare for All, Green New Deal, Reduced Student Debt, Government Jobs, Wealth Tax, etc. within the present (yes horribly flawed) system. I'd suggest we build a Trump-like movement on the left that can perhaps gain momentum for the 2024 election. Quit beating up on Bernie for not tanking his career and influence by abandoning the system altogether. He has been a great help in putting the crucial questions into the public eye.

  20. 'Morally & temperamentally unfit' to lead this movement. Wow !!! If that isn't armchair quarterbacking then I've never seen it. I think you must have been referring to Donald Trump. THIS is a new day for the AMERICA'N PEOPLE'S DEMOCRACY…in part because of Bernue. This is leadership from the bottom up now…not the top down. He's been fighting the good fight, as perfectly imperfect as any other single soul could do…FOR THE PEOPLE. He has been and remains the most respectfully independent politician in Washington, and the one who has inspired an entire generation toward a revolution. I lived through the 60's and he has brought me back on board/ empowered for change. Who do You think besides Donald Trump could have risen from the ashes of what You hopelessly describe as our cesspool of Leadership failures to even become a contender for this kind of real leadership in this??? Bernie, unlike Trump did not do that for himself but for what he has always believed to be the real essence of what America can be….Hard work , perseverance, and a belief in a better future for all… Truth is absolutely necessary & I thank you for your work on delivering that to us as holistic fact, however; please refrain your judgment & cynicism of those who are on the front lines fighting the good fight on our behalf. It is not helpful at this time.

  21. It SHOULD be, how the democrats and media have weakened US democracy while republicans watched. nobody repllays the clips of Pelosi saying "I dont know why there arent uprising across the country…maybe there will be"….Or our token vice president saying "they will not let up after the elections and they should not" or the other "leader" saying "there needs to be unrest in the streets as long as theres unrest in our lives".

    The people who caused the problems and did the damage are the ones now saying "its time to heal". The psychological manipulation is simply amazing. And most are too stupid to see it.

  22. I listen to Chris Hedges and feel like giving up ??? He always reminds me that we are powerless in front of the rich and powerful and that everyone is lying to me to make me think it's worth trying.

  23. Bernies how old? Why does he fear being another Nader? What does he have to lose? And what does he think he can gain inside the corrupt system? The answers to these questions (imo) show him to be either inept, cowardly or part of the problem (sheepdog for the left).

  24. I think fear is a big contribution to this mess. I am Canadian and I see the fear in my American relatives. They are so afraid. They say " you have to have money". This need for money is paramount in their lives. These people voted for Trump, by the way. One of the things I heard "I don't want to pay for Healthcare for those poor people…they should get a job and pay for it themselves". This is so contrary to what most of us in Canada ?? ? think. We are mostly glad to have poor people helped. We , or at least, I do not have to worry about just going to the Doctor or the hospital. My personal family has been saved many times by our Medical System. We voted in Canada awhile ago about who was the favorite person in history in our Country…The Father of our Healthcare System…Tommy Douglas…He was a pastor as well, won hands down. I wish you guys all the best. I hope the USA survives and does not turn into "The Handmaid's Tale".