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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Keep in mind Sheepdog Sanders has preemptively endorsed Biden in 2024 … two full years before the election. As one who donated for, campaigned for and voted for Sanders twice I came to understand that Sanders is a scamming, self-interested politician, just like the rest of the classless ruling class. Sabby, I think you really need to absorb the reality of Sanders and the Democrats. He's a fake. Please, listen to Chris. Sanders and the Dems played us.

  2. The people leading the left tend to be retired people because they have the time and they are more liberal and do not know how to use social media and they want to lead everything and do things based on their bandwidth, like we can only do what an 80 year old can do. Most of the younger people are into Democratic Party politics and want to build their own political careers or non-profit careers more than building a movement.

    For the older people, things have to be near their home and can only be done between their social activities and must use liberal arguments. For the younger ones, things have be done through special groups that can hire them or promote their careers later. Just went to a meeting and a 90+ year white liberal was telling the group to wait years to do anything and because she has decades of experience we should listen to her. Like unless you are over 70 or 80 years old, you are too young. If you are assigned to lead things, it like you have to be a senior citizen center's activity counselor where you have do what they tell you and they dump most of the work on you.

    Most of the marginalized reps.(Latinx, Black, Gays, Asians) wanted to do things now, but the white liberals wanted to do things "strategically" by doing as little as possible for as long as possible. They seem to want to wait for a mythical hero materialize to champion things or have the mainstream media, the media that is obviously corporate sellouts, magically support them instead of corporations.

  3. Still harping on the duopoly! Honestly, you seem so behind in knowing what actually went down in 2016 & who Bernie turned out to be…
    And, btw, how revolutionary is a fixed, rigged, corporate owned, Red vs Blue system? Please wake up!

  4. Democrats have disenfranchised the voters that they depend on in the hopes of winning over moderate republican voters. The political left needs a party to represent them. Democrats are just right-wingers that virtue-signal to the left, but legislate in favor of the right-wing…smh

  5. Chris Hedges – FIRE. Nailing the multiple reasons the Democrats would never allow another run like Bernie had (like a Kshama) and the tactics they used to undermine the whole 2020 campaign. This man is a treasure. Also talking about real movements & not behind a keyboard. Brilliant take on using the templates provided by past civil rights leaders as the model for how to organize strategically to achieve long-term goals. It’s what Collin has been talking about for a while now too.

  6. Very interesting. I was a leftist who demonstrated against the Vietnam war. That movement was incorporated into the current Democratic Party as “liberals.” I cannot stand these self-righteous, phony, woke people. At least a few Republicans voted against funding the most corrupt, fascist country in the world, Ukraine. I am an independent who most often has voted with Democrats. I could not vote for one now without vomiting.

  7. Interesting interview but I disagree with Hedges about Bernie — and with people who say nobody wants to hear from Bernie. I disagree. People very much want him, even still. The problem remains that he will not go scorched earth against Dems. But Bernie could still win, especially since Trump may still be beloved by his base but he has lost many independents. I am very open to third parties but the fact remains that they continue to fragment instead of building coalitions. Not even going to win a condo association election with that mentality.

  8. Forced vaccinations social impact on rollout crypto an esg.
    You all sided with Larry fink over coal miners there's no difference between you and literal warmong in 1950s liberals.
    You just want their policies without the price
    Pablo Freire Chris had the nerve to quote them when talking about prisons.
    Just like Jordan Peterson recently had the nerve to quote Mont perlin's information processor markets verbatim

  9. Your ministry of Truth is not only market incentivized but it's an abomination.
    Believe how right the right wing has been about everything this whole time muh racist 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
    Left wingers that demoed every inner city school for behaviorism and system management since 1970s.
    But especially during the Reagan Thatcher years.
    Mrs izzerbyte made a prophetic book about it way back in 1980

  10. Sabby… Chris Hedges is phenomenal… Chris has always championed the dispossessed, truth to power, the downtrodden, women's rights, human rights, civil rights, the LBGTQ community. There is more integrity in his little finger than the rest of the corporate elected Congress put together. His reporting from Wars and conflicts was honest and illuminating; his writing/books and activism has always shone a light on corruption, corporate greed and the hypocracy of power elites. Thank you for having him on your show and it's true, movements are vital to shining a light on political bankruptcy and effecting change. Love etc.. X

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