Chris Hedges — Why We Must Break Away From Two Party System

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Culture is problem. You can’t have society free for all,behave how you wish ,be corrupt,there are no moral values and you want to have society beneficial for all. America culture is problem,people are the same like these on the top.

  2. Jimmy's wrong about Congress and Trump allowing millions of people to lose their homes. They have striven to keep people afloat. They would continue to do so, but Pelosi is stopping the deal from going through until she gets concessions that are not going to help the suffering.

    We are responding rationally to the pandemic, it's just not clear what the best policy is. People do not agree on what's best.

  3. >this is not a rational response to a pandemic
    >this is not a rational response to an economic collapse caused by a pandemic
    >this is not a rational response to protests during an economic collapse caused by a pandemic

  4. This guy is another one that does not understand what is going on in his own country.
    FEMA now runs the country. FEMA are shutting everything down.
    When Trump declared a national emergency he had to step down from power and hand it over to the federal emergancy management agency.FACT!
    He is now no more a mouthpiece for them and keeping up a pretence that he is making decisions. FEMA do not want to appear publicly or on tv as it would cause many to rise up.
    To all Americans, educate yourselves as to what the hell is going on in your country. I'm sick of hearing these youtube presenters who think they know it all and try to talk smart, yet are ignorant and spread false information.

  5. Actually you must break away from the entire system and start again because you're all being manipulated into believing that you actually have democracy when you actually don't

  6. What's the South Park episode that's how you got Trump you basically had to powers of steaming s*** to choose from both with just as bad as the other it didn't matter which one one they were both a steaming pile of s*** only one of them wanted to have a nuclear war with Russia

  7. People said "OMG OMG! GW BUSH IS THE WORST!" … and I said "No. There is worse out there. There will be someone much worse than Bush." – – – and they didn't believe me. NOW people are saying " "OMG OMG! TRUMP IS THE WORST!" … and again, I say "No. There is worse out there. There will be someone much worse than Trump. Just keep rewarding the Dems for their horrible ways, just keep voting for that 'lesser evil' and the next guy will come, and he will be FAR WORSE than Trump. And you will have invited him, by blindly 'voting blue,' and acquiescing to their horrible shit."

  8. I've given up on the system. There's no point in voting. Even if the cast were to change the show is still the same shitty show.

  9. yeah, never gonna happen. third parties have to build consensus through power in local , state, and congressional elections. But they fail and continue to be nothing but spoilers in presidential elections.. so whine about it all you want, but voting 3rd party once every 4 yrs but not doing anything in your local government.. its not gonna do shit. may as well stay home and not vote