Chris Wallace Destroys Jim Comey’s Lies About FBI

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  1. far play to you guy's, I know your not Trump fan's but you had the ball's to call out the FBI and the FISA, i'm a Trump fan from the UK, I take my hate off to you Jimmy.

  2. People hate that we have FOX and MSNBC. I’m ok with it for this reason. MSNBC will constantly hound Trump and try to keep him honest (unfortunately they went with the idiotic Russia critique, but hopefully they’ll get back to basics) and FOX will never let us forget about Obama war crimes

  3. If the Democrat party was honest and used facts like Jimmy Dore I could see an honest debate being able to actually happen. I wouldn't even mind either party being in power if they could discuss their ideas intelligently.

  4. This exactly why I don't understand why anyone in America should follow any law in this country. The people making the laws I have to follow don't follow then theirself!

  5. Yeh he's guilty but he's obviously taking the stick for his owners ! If fox puts him under pressure then fox owners are dropping him deeper in the shit than they had agreed !? Its scapegoat material…distraction.
    Half the folks are googling "euphemism" and hoping that somebody will find evidence which will lead to "The F.B.I." being taken apart for examination ?

  6. "There were mistake that were more consequential than this"
    And they are all mistakes. You know like who hadn't accidentally doctored a document and sent it to a court. If do they all the time. Why just yesterday I accidentally told the tax department my income was $4K When it was actually $120K. Man was my face red when I realised. Is red right now because I'm being raped in a prison shower for lying on a sworn document.

  7. You know whats sad, that the corruption on the establishments overall is so sick that we ase the ppl cant trust them any longer. What this menas? It means is over, we will fall as a Country eventually, we lose our moral compass, forget about politics or the 1%, who’s right or wrong, we are going down overall bot individually.

  8. You finally figured out the Democrats number one tactic…projection. EVERYTHING THE DEMOCRATS ACCUSE REPUBLICANS OF, THEY DO! When are you going to wake up. Stop furthering racial animosity. You are a major part of the problem. You voted these crooks into office!

  9. “If it’s systemic, that’s the scary thing.” Huh? If it was a one time thing (and it’s not), it’s still scary because it’s targeted at a presidential election. Then goes on to say if he was still there, he wouldn’t resign because there were worse things than this incident. Okay, so it is systemic.