Chrissy Teigan Controversy & Current Theories | The Dark Side of Hollywood

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  1. I think, Those celebrities are a bunch of leftist, democratic, sick, twisted, heartless, tyrannical, sycophantic, slimy, maggot infested, forked tongued, greedy, conniving, hypocritical, deceitful, corrupt, rick, wine drinking, champagne bathing, cocaine sniffing, wrong people dating, knocked up/punching bags lookin', loud mouthed, obnoxious, obsessive, desperate for attention, manipulative, psychotic, narcissistic bastards.

    They don't deserve to live or anywhere else?

    I hope they get their comeuppance?‍♂️

    Don't practice what you preach.

    To quote Ricky Gervais: "Just because you're offended at everything, doesn't mean you're right"

    They have no right to lecture the public about anything, they don't know nothing about the real world, most of those twat waffles, Spend less time in school than that climate terrorist cunt Greta Thunberg. So if you win right? Come up, accept your award, thank your agent and your god, your fans with common decency, common sense and FUCK OFF!!!!??

    California needs to die, right now?‍♂️

    I hope that they're billion dollar mansions will be their own mausoleums, cause' I hope they're going to sleep in them and they take their simpy, celebrity obsessed, psychotic white knight virgin loser incel bastard fans with them all the way down to hell???

  2. Im so glad you are covering this. The stuff she has said should have her picked up and put in a crazy facility or prison. I wouldn't be surprised to hear John divorce her sick ass. He needs to and he needs custody of their 2 kids. Imop she dont need to be left alone with her own kids. The world has gone to hell . Its just gonna get worse

  3. Hollywood is a perversion and depravity central ?! Who would have guessed…
    Its not abnormal tho. When enough power and lack of accountability concentrate in same place, it inevitably leads to search of higher levels of sensation. More you have, more you want and it is an endless cycle, as it is part of human nature, to push forward…even if it means going off the cliff. In search for new sensations and experiences.

  4. Listening to the tweets. I'm not sure if they necessarily condones those things. Something I learned years ago. Sarcasm doesn't translate to a nonverbal format. So when I hear "I need to watch a child have a baby" or however she said it. That could be sarcastic. Think it was a MTV show that was about pregnant teens. Not saying it is because I have no clue who this woman is. Just that it's possible. She was just pointing these things out.
    Now Mel sort of said alot of things there. That made it real easy to discredit him. But I'm reminded of baseball player Jose Conseco. Who was a big time player in his day. When he got towards the end of his career. He felt he was blackballed from pro baseball. For steroid use amongst other things. Guy was fairly controversial. So it was no surprise that his tell all book he wrote after he was out. Ended up being very controversial. In which he named names of all the players who were using steroids. Obviously players didn't want nothing to do with him. Baseball media for the most part ridiculed him. But it started the ball rolling. The further it rolled. The more names he ended up being correct about. So as unreliable as mel made himself. I wouldn't dismiss everything he said.

  5. if you want to learn more. All the Q posts are there as well as a couple years worth of research on the issue of child trafficking as it relates to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Clintons, and more – major CEO resignations over the last couple years that appear to be tied into that as well

  6. Yes interesting that her and hubby were friends with Epstein. I've seen the pictures of them all together getting pally. Oh the conspiracy theories many are so true. Many celebs are involved in the occult and child sacrifices. It's hard to take on but it's true

  7. Thank you for being one of the few entertainment YouTubers to talk about this.

    There are many aspects of this I could bring up: That terrifying subjects to peak adrenaline-fueled terror was the tactic for the MK-Ultra program (that is, in all likelihood, ongoing) and is therefore a "tried and true" practice for those "in the know"; That I find it suspicious that octogenarian Californian politicians like Waters and Pelosi have no problem prancing around in high-heels when others at their age can no longer even walk without at least the aid of a cane.

    There are many suspicious aspects of the George Floyd situation as well — his father was a Freemason, the top donors to his family's GoFundMe were an occult-themed fashion brand and Soho House, a "country club" for millionaires and billionaires widely rumored to double as a brothel, and the El Rodeo nightclub where he and Chauvin worked was under investigation for human trafficking. The fact that Floyd himself has served as modern history's greatest propaganda tool and distraction is all very strange when you consider these and other factors. However, I never considered that it could be a "false flag" to give cover to the recent outing of some influential pedos, I always assumed it was purely political. I think you may be on to something there.

  8. Chrissy Tietgan is a sick, sick and depraved woman. Those text about children is sick. Not only did Mel Gibson know, Cory Feldman has been saying this for years.

  9. "I'm bored want to watch kids give birth". I believe that is one of the top five most inane statements I have ever ever seen in my long life. Not to mention the rest of her comments. And yes, this countrys gone to hell in a handbasket. I totally agree with you, Tristen, and… I best not get started. Thks again.

  10. When I have my viking real man party, you have a seat at the table, my beautiful sweet. Hollyweired is coming to and end. They hurt children and protect each other. Wish I could subscribe again, kicking truth.

  11. Kind of makes you believe Corey Feldman and the possible sabotage of his movie about it all. Dont let this go silent! Share these videos and dont be afraid to call out these pedos.

  12. Twitter is disgusting trashy cesspool of filth ran by a person with certain political biased viewpoints. It's funny that a former Democrat can't state that he or she is voting for Trump but yet it's completely a okay for celebrities to post everything from promoting acts of violence to child pedophilia like statements and yet claim their just jokes man? Accept I feel making these statements are far from being a joke especially when it's constantly reoccurring at a very disturbing rate. This why these celebrities I feel truly hate Trump because their scarred to death of being exposed by his administration for the monsters they truly are.

  13. I went down the pizzagate rabbit hole 4 years ago. I did more research than anyone should ever do in that kind of subject. I still don't think everyone is involved

  14. The i am bored wanna watch kids give birth tweet was sarcasm about the programming of MTV. I really dont see how it could be taken seriously. Nor can I see any of the others being more than that. That is with Chrissy Teigen tho. There is truth to this i just don't know how far it goes

  15. There must be soo much video data of Epsteins recordings, I think it is quite impressive that they could hide everything to this point.. But on the other hand, they propably only kept the important stuff, and that will fit on a few hard drives..