CHRISTMAS CANCELED? Not So Fast | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar make sense of the resiliency starting to be seen in US supply chains as concerns mount about whether goods will be available in time for Christmas

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  1. “Inflation is always and  a monetary phenomenon in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output.” Gas prices are also rising in the middle east fyi. Prices wont stop rising world wide unless the fed tightens.

  2. GIVE THEM THE PINCH!!! This is how to curb/control inflation:
    1. DO NOT accept low wages, DEMAND high ones. NEVER stop this, or you'll get eaten quietly.
    2. DO NOT pay for high prices. Do ANYTHING you can right now to NOT buy anything, and find the more affordable versions of anything if it is a necessity.

  3. As a European I find Americans complaining about $5/gallon weird when Western Europe has over $7/gallon (and has had this for years) – and GDP per capita is lower here…

  4. *******Just in Time was created by the Globalist******* Oh, by the way…the Globalist still don’t give a damn about you! Globalist are both Democratic and Republican and they are hell bent on extracting as much wealth from the US before they imploded this country!

  5. wow. I could have done without the month long doomsday sensationalizing of the media (ya'll included Breaking Points). Also, here goes krystal again not telling us that companies gonna pass the "wage increases" on to (what's left of) the middle/uppermiddle class.

  6. Companies have been aggressively stocking up to make sure Christmas isn't cancelled. It would make sense inflation/supply chain issues would peak in September/October as a result of the aggressive buying of retailers and manufacturers. Look into warehouse demand, it's off the charts and they are aggressively building new ones. Expect an inflection down in supply chain costs

  7. Krystal is in favor of labor shortages. Guess she’s in favor of Companies passing down all of the increased costs of production due to new salary increases and benefits to workers. Thanks Krystal. Like I don’t pay enough money out of my check in taxes already now I have to pay for peoples raises also. Typical leftist mentality.

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