Christopher Hitchens on Nelson Mandela (1985)

Christopher Hitchens on Nelson Mandela (1985)

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  1. Oye ye chutiya pani dekh raha hai. Gaur farmayiye.

    Meherbaan kadardan. Gaur farmayiyega. Kya apne ya apke khatoon ne kala djinn dekha hai? Haath me lo to saqt ho jata hai. Muh me lo to thuk deta hai. Idher udher daalo to tehlka macha deta hai. Kya aapne kala djinn dekha hai.

    Humare pant me hai miya. Zara hoshiyar rahiyega. Kisi pe bhi thuk deta hai. Gusse me Aa Gaya to.

  2. "One of my earliest memories was it being expelled from the British Commonwealth"….. damn, now I feel stupid. My earliest memory is hitting my brother with a rock. Come back Christopher, we need you!!!

  3. I've often found it quite strange that people primarily know Hitchens for his atheism and all that and yes he did a great job standing up to religious leaders and what not but a lot of people overlook the fact that he was brilliant journalist probably one of the finest of our time.

  4. The problem we have in Britain is that there is an adversarial parliament, an adversarial legal system and, especially in recent times, an adversarial media. Especially on the BBC they will barely let a guest finish a sentence without interrupting.

  5. Mr. Hitch is gone from us now. We are less now he is gone. Mr. H. use of language and expressions of thoughts, logic based and rational is unmatched. I havent seen his power of thought and logic, maybe I havent looked, but I suspect his mental ability is likewise unmatched by all challengers!

  6. Jayzus. He talked shit right back then too. Firstly, the reason the Apartheid goverment supported Germany in WW2 was not because of racial ideals. It was because the British had murdered 26 000 boer women and children in their concentration camps. There was no war that stopped apartheid. It was scrapped voluntarily by referendum. And as for ANC's non racial policy?????
    They are murdering whites by the score in South Africa.
    And the ANC has always been communist.

  7. I mean why should i listen to a man who claims to be rational yet he can't control his addiction. How can I expect you an intellectual to make morals? As you say we don't religion. What a big hypocrite.

  8. the US hasn't changed shit. sad, well Trump, lack of healthcare (or communism as theyd call it) thus corona and the hit on economy was bound to happen. Good luck Americans. because i don''t see many differences between the United States and South Africa. not anymore. (besides the fact that south african healthcare has more coverage for a better price).

  9. Man people back in the day were so much more well informed and eloquent even for yanks. I put it down to social media and technology. The 21st century has robbed people of having to use their own brains as independent thinkers.

  10. Christopher Hitchens as awesome…but he endorsed communism and that is NOT some i can get along with. Mandela was a communist trained monster who burned his political opponents and their families alive. Just like Mother Theresa ..(interestingly Hitchens had a book on it) who was a monster, so was Mandela. Media and political powers / church make these people become saints…sadly they couldn't be more wrong.

  11. How refreshing to hear this beautiful voice in the years before he was hawking up phlegm and posturing as though the hawks were a clever comment between phrases. Yet the predictive fumes are there…

  12. nothing like being born sick and commanded to get well by a theocratic totalitarian entity ie christian Religion masochists all Hitch has got it right and all churches should be dismantled at once I command You tell those fascist lazy ass academic priests to get real jobs and stop molesting the youth of the globe. GOD and the Queen are Dead Boys long live Freedom and Immorality

  13. The patience to LISTEN to all the questions before launching into a reply is phenomenal and would never be seen by the amateurs who call themselves politicians today… they need to interrupt and challenge all the way through a question.