Chronic Covid DISABILITY? ‘Long Covid’ Keeps 2-4M People OUT OF WORK: Report

Professor at the Scripps Research Institute, Dr. Eric Topol, breaks down fact from fiction about ‘long Covid.’ #Covid #LongCovid #CovidDisability

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  1. Sounds like the strongest bouts with long COVID stems from the Alpha variant.

    Dude already admitted issues have been substantially less from Omicron.

    I’m certain these other variants are as mild or milder than Omicron.

  2. I'm not saying long covid doesn't exist, but what percentage of people who claim to have long covid are women? I bet it's way over 50%. I think long covid exists, but people claim to have it even when they don't.

    I think the most likely explanation of what long covid is that it's a triggering of some other condition. For example, there's evidence that people are more likely to get mononucleosis after covid recovery. So they have a real condition, triggered by covid, but it isn't covid. You can't have a covid infection when you're testing negative.

    This guy sounds really silly when he's talking about stopping covid infections. That's not possible. Most of us have had covid and we're all going to get it. Almost all of us will get covid again. That's the reality unless perfect (ie not leaky) vaccines are created, which is unlikely.

  3. I work in state disability. I have one long covid case out of hundreds of cases that aren't covid related. That person is having a hard time. I would say they were in poor shape to begin with as their BMI is 42.4. I see way more issues around obesity and the negative conditions it causes. I wish doctors, like this guy being interviewed, would speak to the obesity epidemic in this country. So many that apply are severely obese and they state how miserable they are and the doctors aren't doing enough. They are taking handfuls of varying medications. If they would recognize that in order to feel good they will have to change their ways, work hard and drop their pounds. I've seen it happen and people feel so much better.

  4. My coworker was bedridden for a year, and one year after that she still can't function normally. Her adviser's wife got covid a long while ago now, and she is still in a wheelchair. It's awful. These people are young, had their whole lives ahead of them. My coworker is struggling to find the will to live.

  5. Did the study also show how many people that were actually being monitored became unable to work?
    I get dizzy sometimes as well when standing up, but that's not something new, through the years i taught myself to keep moving even when my vision gets all dark and fractally distorted, dunno why, just thought it was a fun challenge.
    So it's not something i'd ascribe to the big C, i don't even know if i have had it or not, hadn't had the sniffles since October last year and i work throughout since the start of it.
    Either way, i haven't met anybody that has the long version of it in my area of Holland.

  6. Hi my doctor prescribed me XNS when I had covid, within 3days I was symptomsfree
    I would recommend it it’s available only in Switzerland at the moment regards Rainer

  7. Don't worry. Pfizer and Moderna will come up with a pill to cure long covid. You just need to take it every day for the rest of your life and increase the federal budget by 10 trillion so the government can pay for it for everyone.

  8. "Long covid," OR permanent, over-production of highly inflammatory spike proteins, that travel THROUGHOUT the body, instead at the localized site of the needle injection.

  9. Wow this the first 🥇 doctor talking sense!!!!! Inflammation on the Brain 🧠 and Anxiety or Antidepressants SRRI is not working and not the treatment for Long COVID. There is no treatment!!!!! Taking those strong medicine may do more harm than good.

    Treatment is needed!!!!!!

  10. We could have learned a lot more from this expert about an important problem but instead he was kept explaining that yes long covid is a real thing. I didn't click because I needed to hear this. My time was wasted! You guys should have been prepared with more useful questions.

  11. Honestly, I hesitate to say the data is objective but I do recognize that long covid is a thing. Also that whether ur vaxxed or not ppl might experience this. Presumably most ppl who experienced this may have an underlying commonality or factors.

  12. The current low core unemployment rates are due in part to the quirky nature of that stat. Unlike some other countries, The US tabulates the number of persons actively looking for a job, but don't have one. It does not well take into account the discouraged, nor those who can not work, but are not registered as disabled.

  13. I know a lot of people who've had COVID. Not one of them complains of long COVID. I respect Dr. Topol (I’ve watched so many of his interviews), but I'm scratching my head as to why I don't personally know anyone who's had long COVID.

  14. I have been diagnosed with long covid, however there are literally 200 different symptoms falling under "long covid" and they will use this to get you back in for checkups subscribe you to a GP weekly checkups etc etc, they draining your pockets. Don't train your mind to think you have an illness you will only go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

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