CIA Bombshell: The Sussman Data Was “User Created”, Durham’s Latest Filing

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🔵 Sussman’s FBI Texts:

🔵 Data User Created:

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  1. Historically, the decline in trusted sources of information and services has been seen without true understanding if the broader picture. Roman not only has restored faith, but presented time and again irrefutable evidence as opposed to the fluff and distraction we find in MSM. PLEASE GO TO THE TRIAL! We need to know whats actually happening. Armed with truth and fact our responses, our pressure for true justice gets stronger.

  2. I wonder how many will be willing to take the fall for Clinton instead of rurning state's evidence, then mysteriously die while in prison because Clinton is terrified they will talk in exchange for a get out of jail free card.

  3. Nothing will ever happen to the aristocracy until the majority of the public become single issue voters who will consistently vote out every single fed, State, and local incumbent until the swamp is drained and the guilty are in prison.
    Sadly, that is the same as saying that nothing will ever happen. Because, when it comes right down to it, the majority of people who care about criminal abuse of power will still vote for incumbent career Republican politicians who protect the criminal aristocracy just as much as the Democrats do.

  4. Be nice if we had someone present to get an honest fair assessment of the trial. Although understand they can be long and drawn out with little to report for long periods.
    Sounds like a job for an intern.
    As I assume this will last for some time.

  5. I need some help…if you care to get involved. I need to know what it is, who made it, I would even settle for a picture of it. I would like some understanding of what happens when it reverses. They put a self healing uhmwpe polymer weave on my teeth. It's failed and reversing. 6 yrs after they put this on my teeth something safe came out. Ribbond came out in 1991. It's banded and doesn't come apart like the previous weave does. What is the previous weave? What did they put on my teeth?

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