CIA’s SECRET Meeting EXPOSED: “End War By Giving Russia 20% of Ukraine” | w/Scott Horton

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. He said this should have the top priority for all 8 billion people on the planet what a foolish statement, top priority for all black people is to leave them alone and let them live autonomously

  2. Coming on the heal of authorizing tank and other military gear for Ukraine that will require months of deployment and training before field readiness, tells me this can simply be yet another stall tactic with the aim of duping the Russians into aborting their likely romping of the rest of Ukraine unit Ukraine is better prepared and maybe even ready for an offensive of its own. I suspect the Russians aren’t naive enough to fall for something like that and will likely not agree to any deal where there is no good faith guarantees.

  3. It’s a game of chicken. A political move positioning themselves at playing the victim after a massive Russian knockout blow. “We tried to be the nice guys, now we’ve got to put NATO troops on the ground because Russia is being a big meanie.”

  4. It doesn't matter giving over any part of Ukraine, because once this new high tech Ukraine that is about to be rebuilt is on Rusia's doorstep, it will rival and disrupt Rusia's economic situation.
    This was a plan from the start, set up western country like Singapore so that the only way Rusian businesses can trade with The West through this new gateway!

  5. This is just another stalling exercise so they can do the same thing when the Minsk Accords were drafted and tabled. No, Russia will go ahead and end this so nothing can be reset or resistance can not be viable ever in this region. If negotiations are to be taken place, it will be on all of Russia's terms and no exceptions, but I doubt it will even get that far. Again the West is stalling.

  6. End it now because the US machine made their money, Ukraine is going to loose and if they don’t come to peace WWIII is going to commence! People need to wake up! All the lies are coming out now!

  7. Unfortunately the Russian’s will never again trust the west “NATO” or Ukraine ever again the false intention of Minsk 1&2 was revealed to the Russians and the world by German and French leaders to only be a ploy to buy Ukraine time to build up its military to eventually fight the Russians and take back Crimea. So I don’t think they will negotiate. This miscalculation of the west has strengthened the Russian military machine far more than NATO ever thought even with all the sanctions. Total backfire. Russia will dismantle Ukraine military completely and It will be DeNazified when they are done.

  8. Ah yes Ukraine, the laundering money machine of the western world. Us people from small countries always get f**ed by bigger ones anyway. War, war never changes.

  9. Crikey. If true and the US now wants to end the war this reminds me of somone: Me. As a child. When realising that I was losing the Monopoly game I would slump back, arms folded, declaring: "I don't want to play anymore". (That said, Zelensky flew into the UK today, no doubt once again trying to convince our PM to continue to flog that dead horse £££s).

  10. 20% seems fair, the rest can join Nato and next time it would include all of NATO if anything were to go down. At this point we are sponsoring a war that can not really be won. We should focus on CCP

  11. Doesn't 20% of the people in the area that has been at war for the last 8 years want to be Russian? This is how bad people / humans FIGHT change

  12. The Ukrainian infrastructure has been destroyed civilians will die through cold and starvation. This is a Full blown war between NATO and Russia, with Ukraine stuck in the middle being bombed into the dark ages. This will affect the Food distribution next year and Ukraine provides 40% of the world’s wheat. Once this conflict is over, it we don’t Nuke ourselves, Ukraine will be carved up by the elite class. Ukraine will be in debt forever to the World Bank. It is way too late for Ukraine- a complicated NATO war. There are already 250k plus dead and 400k injured.7 million Ukrainians displaced. Poland on the brink of crash due to the Ukrainian’s pouring through the Border. Humanitarian crisis on another level. Blackrock want to move in now to rebuild and own Ukraine- it will be the Modern slave city of the Future. They will be lucky if Russia does not take way more than 20% – at the very least they will be landlocked. A war that did not even need to happen. Such a waste of life. The greed of the Elite Ruling Class- Sure they the Green new Deal.

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