CIVIL UNREST AHEAD? Warnings Energy Crisis Could Get WORSE IN 2023: Ralph Schoellhammer

Deputy opinion editor at Newsweek Batya Ungar-Sargon and political scientist at Webster University Vienna Ralph Schoellhammer weigh in on the global energy crisis buoyed by Russia’s war in Ukraine. #Russia #Ukraine #energy

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  1. Russia bowled over Crimea because it was always granted free access before the 2011 NATO backed coup. They would not have had access had they not and it is of utmost strategic importance to Russia to have the Crimean naval port. An inconvenient detail you probably don’t want to deal with Briahna. Ukraine was part of the Soviet union and was only given its own national autonomy by kruschev in the late 50s as a friendly gesture. One that Russia would regret 30 years later.

  2. These discussions are so frustrating in that there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the crisis. We do not have an energy crisis, we have a resources crisis. It would be great if one of the panelists would read "Overshoot" (1980), by William R. Catton, which lays out the inevitable collapse of the world industrial culture because we are coming to the end of affordable and available natural resources upon which everything in our industrialized/consumerist world depends.

  3. Robby did you just quote Greta Thunberg? My man come on. That being said yes we should be using nuclear power plants. It is one of the cleaner energy sources and we have better technology to deal with safety precautions

  4. The war in Ukraine, that we the West deliberately created, isn't the cause of this energy crisis. It's the unnecessary US pushed sanctions on Russia and the US destruction of Nordstream. It's all deliberate. Nuclear and fracking isn't the solution, it's the trap laid by those who rule us.

  5. This is all planned. All of it. If you're in denial of that, it's time to accept reality. There has to be pain and discomfort in transition to their green utopia. It's time to accept that this is happening.

  6. The Hill needs to find someone other than Batya for Rising. I thought Rising's whole brand was to be not-Libbish, but here we have just about the most milquetoast Lib (with the Newsweek job to prove it) trying to pass herself off as an outsider. And to add insult to injury she subs in for Briahna. At least Kim Iversen wasn't a total shill…

  7. Trump is a common sense leader. He had the country on a positive path to growth than Biden destroyed it and every issue our country was caused on purpose.
    American oil is clean and makes no sense to pay 10x more for dirty oil costing 100x more for transportation and pollution of the oceans to transportation. Trumo said the Green New deal is a global hoax to bankrupt and starve countries and enrich the globelist.
    Solinesky wife went on a 40,000 shopping spree in France. Good to see your tax dollar to good use.

  8. The release of methane to the atmosphere by the melt is unavoidable the scientists say. Instead of allowing it to be released why aren't we using it? Power as much as possible and use it in homes so it's not simply released into the atmosphere.

  9. imagine a government that acts in the interests of radicals over the citizens of their country, closing down energy production in order to satiate the nut jobs who use all the fossil fuels to make their anti energy people killing policies a reality.

  10. Europeans think they are so much smarter than the rest of the world. They act like their progressive polices are not inefficient and highly leveraged. It's all going to come tumbling down

  11. You tend to overlook Biden kicking off the global energy crisis when ends American energy independent policy,upon which took full advantage of Biden's assault on fossil fuel industry,Putin just added another layer to compound the energy crisis,you might say,Biden's negative actions have spurned more negative actions and still continue to spurn negative compounding complications,American democrats ha e forgotten the CCP''s number one goal of the CCP s to capture all the essential materials and resources that sustain western civilization,this goal goes back to Mao's strategies,Putin has adopted that plan against the Eu,the EU failed to recognize what Putin's plan all along was,

  12. This energy crisis, along with the immigration crisis, in Europe and the US, were designed by liberal* elites who call themselves our leaders. The elite war on energy is a stealthy way of waging war on middle America itself, it's meant to hurt. Like with the media, who is politically opposed to, punishes, and engages in class warfare against regular Americans. A cosmopolitan elite, this international clique, thus has no allegiance to America or its people, they are subversive in nature. The crises are manufactured, but the most hawkish of these disloyal cosmopolitans have found home in a particular side of politics, the Democrat party, the political left. These subversive people, and their misled and obedient masses who will plunge themselves off of a cliff with a smile about how they are saving humanity or the environment, everywhere they might exist are united across continents in their aims, the destruction of national sovereignty (economic, social, cultural, ethnic, all forms) The prerequisite to development of any kind and to our propped up comfortable lifestyles is energy. The rich can withstand this crisis especially, they can and do shield themselves from all the crises they foist upon us. But for those who can't bear the high cost of energy, like when governments cause famine, unrest will ensue.

  13. There is no "climate change" other than there has always been and that will always be… There is no actions or inactions that can effect the climate and it's ever changing self whatsoever…..if anything , humans should change their habits to effectuate cleaner water resources ….

  14. No mention about the earth having it´s fastest revolution around the sun last year.

    (mathematically, for a globe to rotate around a fixed point at the same speed in less time, can happen if the globe would have decreased it´s distance, therefore increasing the globes temperature in the case the fixed point is a star).

  15. The green obsession has to end. This is nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with globalism and socializing the globe. When does common sense and true understanding of our sovereignty as a nation come back into play?

  16. About Germany depending on Russian energy, Trump was just parroting what he had heard in a briefing because he thought it made him seem intelligent. He had no clue what it meant. His advisors and the Rand Report on extending Russia had the plan to disrupt the relationship between Germany and Russia by starting a proxy war using Ukraine. When Putin said all it would take for Germany to get the gas was to "flip the switch" on sanctions. That made the USA bomb the Nordstream pipeline less than a week later to prevent Germany from changing course.

  17. We all need to thank the Biden Democrat administration for pushing us into a war that not only leads to global recession bit also will devastate the middle class and step back the fight against global warming… all so theBiden donnors, the ones so concerned with WOKE and trans rights can sell weapons and destroy tens of millions of lived in 3rd world countries because of high oil prices.

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