Civil Unrest ERUPTS In Louisville After Jury Refuses To Indict Cops In Breonna Taylor Death

Tim, Ian, and guest Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter (@MAJTOURE on Twitter) sit down to analyze some of the chaos surrounding the Louisville decision in the Breonna Taylor case.

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  1. Dude, you just SAID Kevin Walker was DEFENDING HIS HOUSE. Well did he live there or not? The warrant was not for his arrest or for Breonna's arrest, it was to search her apartment for drugs and other evidence. The neighbor heard the police identify themselves.

    The REAL issue is the illegal activity Kevin and Breonna were committing. She was depositing huge sums of cash into bank accounts. Stop with the REVISIONIST HISTORY.

  2. I agree with most of this; however, the headlight thing comparing a car to a motorcycle is silly. You can’t tell the size of the vehicle at night, and if you haven’t driven in a dark rural area I’d understand your thoughts there, but still silly.

  3. This guy is a fucking partisan moron who clearly hates cops and doesn’t give a shit about the facts. I can’t believe you had a BLM activist on

  4. I listened.. Found the guest disgustingly biased., as evidenced by ignoring a few Breona facts: Her name was on the warrant. A dead body was found in a car rented in her her name. Also Breona intercepted 5-6 bullets, while her BF, firing the gun appears to have exited the gun fight uninjured. Something fishy here. Damaged my opinion.

  5. Lmao the state…. did the state make her boyfriend push drugs…. this dude didn’t have one fact to back up his view…. Adam please come back! this is why I don’t watch Tim much anymore…

  6. Those cops lied. A no-knock warrant issued in the middle of the night and executed by plain clothes officers with no body cameras is a home invasion. Do we really believe that they go a no-knock warrant and then proceeded to knock politely and wait for a response? Breonna was on the couch right next to the door. If they gave her 30 seconds, I'll bet she would have answered. The NYT interviewed all of her neighbors and couldn't find the mysterious state witness who heard the cops knocking. So who is that witness? Is it a petty criminal that the state threatened with drugs charges if he didn't back the cops' case? This is shady as hell and the DA sounds like a defense attorney. Not a good look. People shouldn't become violent because of this, BUT it's entirely the state's fault if predictable violence occurs because they're not fulfilling their obligation to truth and transparency.

  7. On that headlight thing, in this modern age it is so easy to issue a warning/notification with a period to get it fixed. If stopped again after that period and it is still out, then a fine is fair enough.

  8. He says play “dumb games win stupid prizes.” So maybe don’t be an illegal drug dealer. It’s their own damn fault. They were living a dangerous life. Worst guest ever. I respect that Tim wants to talk to many different people but this guy is so wrong.

  9. Walker heard someone at the door, but claims he did not know it was police. I don't buy that. In any case, Walker opened fire. Is it "castle doctrine" when police have a warrant for your arrest? Breonna's name was on the warrant too. Maj strikes me as a pseudo intellectual because he tosses around some fancy terms but his grammar is terrible.

  10. Hey maj, try shooting a cop like her boyfriend and see what happens…. your whole house will be a block of cheese. And this dude is a gun owner…. I don’t think he has enough common sense

  11. A lot of states have what they call, fixit tickets. They're not warnings, but they're not traffic infractions, they're literally just a report, stating what's wrong with the vehicle that caused the officer to stop you. Goes in the system, you have 24 hours to fix it, if another cop stops you after that period, you get a ticket.

  12. What the heck is up with this guest? 99.999999 of the stuff he's saying is him making up his OWN facts. He's saying he's POSITIVE the police lied, despite the boyfriend confirming their story. And stating the government is covering up? And all cops are bad and liars?

    Tim…..what the heck are you doing? Are you afraid to call his BS out BECAUSE he's black? If so, that is actually discrimination. You should call his bs idiocy out, no matter the color of his skin. Just because he is black, doesn't mean when he says something idiotic, its "somehow" NOT idiotic!

  13. STOP POSTING CLIPS WITH THIS GUEST. I tried giving him a chance, but can't take it. Breonna Taylor wouldn't have had the cops at her house if she hadn't been involved with drug dealing or had a boyfriend that was a drug dealer too. They have recorded conversations between her and her boyfriend while he was in jail. Plenty of evidence against her?? I've been involved with drugs. Think pot should be legal. Just tried Kratom. Really really helps all my pain problems, but not legal in my state.

  14. Based upon what I heard from news reports, an independent witness confirmed (and testified to the grand jury) that the police did, in fact, announce themselves before breaching the door.

  15. Guest is 100% wrong- The State is responsible for keeping the State safe, Breonna Chose to live outside the laws of society (laws we make) her bad choices got her killed not the State.

  16. I saw this episode live.
    This Maj Toure guy was nonsensical and misinformed for the most part. He was so scatterbrained and floated from subject to subject.
    Plus he was quite arrogant and came off as a creep.