Civil War 2.0 Is Upon Us, Far Left Breaches Federal Court, Democrats REJECT Federal Jurisdiction

Civil War 2.0 Is Upon Us, Far Left Breaches Federal Court, Democrats REJECT Federal Jurisdiction. Democrats at the state level, the local level, and even the federal level are rejecting DHS and Federal Jurisdiction and demanding that Trump remove Federal Law Enforcement from their own courthouses.

Senator Tom Cotton went as far as to say the far left insurrectionists are the same as the confederates who tried to seize Fort Sumter at the start of the first Civil War.

When states challenge the feds jurisdiction and try to forcefully remove them what do you call it?


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. There will be an election and they will loose. If by chance there is an actual civil war they will lose that too, badly.

  2. Hear me out. Mainstream media is outdated. We follow information from journalists such as yourself. So why is media still alive? Ahh, fear factor keeps them with viewers. Journalists such as yourself could make more than theirs, and give actual non biased information on the events happening.

  3. 0:31 Moms and dads my butt… was likely anti-fuh dressed as moms and dads……actual moms and dads, GOOD ONES, would stay at home with their kids and also keep said kids FAR AWAY from that mess.

    1:37 Some of those thugs sadly already did just that, and used such on innocent people.

    7:23 Again, Tim, they are likely NOT actual moms and dads……but "actors"(likely anti-fuh).

    8:40 I'd rather the officers be there helping to quell the riots than not….I don't want to see our cities messed up even further.

  4. 20:11 The NYTrash heap making another sh*te story. Tbh I hope that college wins it's suit and that rag has to cut back or shut down because of it.

  5. The real issue in our nation is that the American nation is having a very horrendous crisis of spiritual, moral, ethics and civic values that is creating a high polarization in our society making us unable to reason out our disagreements; this is bringing this nation toward self-destruction. The best solution to this crisis is going back to a way of thinking that began to be written over 3,000 years ago.

    Therefore, we need to establish Pro-Jesus, Pro-Bible government platform.

    1) “You shall not give false testimony …." Exodus 20:16; Matthew 19:18. Another Pro-Bible platform is that we all have God, a common Creator, our Heavenly Father. Therefore, we need to see all other humans as brothers and sisters; Leviticus 19:18 “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord."

    Democrats, republicans and people in the news media that are caving into people with an anti-biblical, anti-Jesus agenda are putting this nation on a path toward self-destruction.

    We should make it illegal that someone who graduates from high school or college is not aware of the spiritual, ethical, moral and civic values taught by Jesus and His early followers because all the evil that is taking place in this nation is based on the rebellion and ignorance against those values.

    Those spiritual, moral, ethical and civic values taught by Jesus Matthew 5:43-47, Matthew 19:18-19, Matthew 20:25-27, Matthew 22:21 and Matthew 28:20 are easy to read, to understand and to keep in mind: People should taught to abstain from hating anyone, abstain from killing anyone, abstain from raping anyone or any kind of sexual perversity, abstain from robbing any one, abstain from spreading lies against anyone, be proactive in honoring their mother and father and in being proactive in loving others as they love themselves and that it is the role of the government to be a servant to the welfare of all members of society, give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s (this is to pay our fair share of taxes to support basic public services expected from the government), and to God what is God’s while they have also been commissioned by our Lord Jesus Christ to go everywhere in this world including the United States of America to teach those same instructions to every man, woman and child of this planet Earth.

  6. Hopefully it’s not going to turn into a civil war. But if these rioters don’t stop it could lead to a civil war.These people who are against our country needs to be stopped. You guys will regret it if we loss our country to the marxists and communists.

  7. A mix of "moms and dads"… yea… aborted baby moms and dads, im santa clause…
    "black bloc"… oh, you mean the black panthers right?
    Activists of all stripes…. nope, just antifa… no other groups are tolerated….

  8. The largest day of protests was around 1000 people. The population of Portland is over 600 thousand. At the height of the protest they occupied 3 square blocks. Portland is a city that spans 145 square miles. The protesters, rioters or what ever you want to call them represent around one hundredth of a percent of the population of that city and "occupied" 0.000005172 percent of the city. If you buy Dim Fools fear mongering that these events are going to cause a second civil that warrants the federal government blatantly ignoring the constitution and violating states rights you are a coward.

  9. If a hot civil war happens it with be a waste of life and the human race in general a bunch of people armed with ar 15s and other wepons thats not going to able to kill a m1 ambres tank or any of the milltare wepons it will end in a lose of life on milltare and civilian lifes its all just stupid it will end in no change just worsing the things happinesing already people need the learn to speak with maners and that makes change not wars and un need loes of life if we want change we talk and vote not shoot riot and kill people for no reason or to steal we need more like you people who know what there saying and know what makes change

  10. Just saying there are way more far-right people in militias out there than there are hard core ex-military antifas. This boogaloo will only last a couple weeks if its full on boogaloo. And then the left will ask for help or intervention when they start losing to the right winged militias.

  11. pelosi's targets are young or low IQ. they don't know the laws about war or occupying federal buildings much less treason or terrorist activities. when i was growing up they would have all been shot
    if the KKK shows up, which they eventually can, it won't end well for the extremists.

  12. It's okay guys, Liberals don't believe in the second amendment. So if we go to Civil War, they wont have guns. Other wise they be hypocrites, Oh, yeaaaa, They a hypo all the time.

  13. I'm so SICK of the left I actually want a hot CIVIL WAR, I don't have anything left to lose.. in a few months I'll be homeless, had to quit my job because of the mask regulations and abuse when employer sent emails to all employees how they stand in total solidarity for BLM and Antifa !! Whole family Dead, and I'm going insane dealing with idiots spewing garbage out of their mouths like the drunk fool !!
    AND THAT'S THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES !! Then there's the whole population putting up with it..
    I really believe the left is going to have another blacK flag event to try and draw attention from arrests and prosecution of the few Barr does bust, and just as usual the Liberals won't act just like they did with Weinstein arrest, no big deal back to the plan.. Same CRAZY SHIT DAY AFTER DAY THEY'LL NEVER STOP UNTIL THEY'RE STOPPED !!

    They just won't accept they lost until they're are laying in a BLOODY PULP !!

  14. Everybody re-chewing the fat over again with what we all know and said many times.. Looks to me they already opened the door to a civil war. Question is, what do you think should be done about it?

  15. Tim, I wish you would stop with your Civil War nonsense. These people do not make up a majority opinion in this country. They are in fact a bunch of mindless, college aged babies, who will run on home when sh*t hits the fan. The President will eventually put a stop to all this foolishness. The silent majority will not stand for this insurrection.

  16. Pelosi should know the difference between protesters, anarchists, and terrorists! This is domestic terrorism, funded by Democrats! Investigations and prosecutions are demanded by We The People!!!