Civil War ERUPTS In FBI, Agents Demand Director Be Removed Over Political Bias

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  1. I just read ten comments on another podcast where three drunks in San Rafael were drinking on the outskirts because neighbors complained about these three stooges. The midget stood up and came towards the officer being bold and drunk so the officer punched him in the face. Almost all the comments, the news station, and scum bag lawyer said, the officer was in the wrong. I read and watch podcasts everyday. So many police officers are losing their life so much so LAPD has a shortage right now. I thought to myself am I the only one sober at home watching the transaction take place? I guess I’am. You come at me and I don’t know you after I asked you several times to sit. You deserve to be knocked out. Recently, a young man was shot by a father the other day who, was grabbing the front door knob to a home of his recent ex-girlfriend. I did not hear the father say, stop or I’ll shoot. The parents could’ve called 911. Instead the father shot the kid and he’s dead now. The whole comment section said, the father was in the right.

  2. Hate all EU nation's, USA, Russia and China. This centuries epic and only worthy wars to join into will be the China vs Taiwan (East Asia) war and the US civil war. Most important war will definitely be the American civil war. That war will decide the fate of the whole world. Let's just hope we can kill enough communist's and liberals so they can't drive the world into the stone-age.

  3. The administration has not been claiming that domestic terrorism is the greatest threat to America based on FBI investigations. They have been directing the FBI to initiate investigations to give themselves cover to make that claim.

  4. The midterms and 2024 election results will determine whether or not the US survives as a republic.

    but either way the weaponizing of government, election interference by the FBI, and violence by the left does not bode well.

  5. Hey Tim, 9-11, a bunch of American Government type destroyed New York, killed a bunch of Americans, with the help of Israelis, blamed it on a bunch of Saudis and then sent a bunch of Americans to die in Iraq and Afghanistan, which had nothing to do with the official story of 9-11, and everyone went, "hmm"… So why do you think it would be any different now?

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