Claims of Disinfo are Often Disinfo and Claims of State Propaganda are Often State Propaganda

The topsy turvy inversion of reality much of the population believes in is the result of subversion and hyper-politicization.


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#Disinfo #Propaganda


  1. I take colloided silver everyday Styx and I'm a constitutional loving musician/composer I've got long hair like yours but I ain't no damn dirty hippie

  2. Hippies won't take the vaccine, but I won't it either. When geezers I meet whine that "some people just won't go along" I'm thinking: same Germans that said: "I'm glad those trains are full and heading east."

  3. Kennedy assassination, MIA's, radiation experiments on terminal patients.  Watergate, MK Ultra, Iran Contra, Roswell, the Tuskegee experiments. Wounded Knee…Ruby Ridge…Waco..Las Vegas…Opioid epidemic…Cocaine epidemic…ATF Gunrunning…

    Deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate.

    Deflect, Misdirect, Redirect.

  4. Trump: " I want to restrict the Federal government."

    "Liberals" : That's fascist!

    "Liberals": Let's censor! Let's nationalize police! Let's nationalize the voting systems.

    Me: " Wow. What a bunch of totalitarian, boot licking fascists."

    "Liberals": That's racist! (probably).

  5. In Fascistbook and GoogleChan and TwitterChan act like government actors, shouldn’t the government take MORE of their profits, you know, like China does with their communist “companies”. Those 3 companies right there could supply the government with trillions of dollars to send to other countries, right? I mean, com’on man, do it right, already!

  6. According to you tube, you can promote homeopathic remedies for cancer, but not quote from the Lancet re. past pandemics. Which is more likely to be wrong? Which error is most likely to be consequential? In short which is disinformation?

  7. It does not matter who you are, the fact that big tech companies are working with the Federal Government to silence "disinformation" should concern you.

  8. You fellows are slow. I saw the bs on day 2 last march when i turn on tv and news tell me folks dying all over ? well i look outside around town and no dead people. I'm 65 and do not believe shit THEY say. Just sit and watch as they come kill ya family ???

  9. "Linguistic Anthropology"– Eric Blair (George Orwell) must've know something about that, judging from "Politics and the English Language." Other than this, another reason "to be afraid, very afraid"– government has figured out a way to outsource its tyranny.