Claire Fox EXPOSES The Truth About Net Zero Puppets

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

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  1. Many years ago a University ran an environmental studies course . It was stopped due to students proving that global warming was not happening. Net zero is a globalist construct. People should recognise that the earth will remain long after the human race becomes extinct .

  2. About 3 years ago when I realised the harm this nonsense was doing to my grandchildren, I spent about 3-4 months digging into the subject, reading reports and books and looking at the flawed analysis. I have 50+ years' experience as a professional engineer, with Hons & Master's degrees. and am computer literate including experience of "finite element analysis" and computer modelling. The young and/or uneducated folks propagating this "rot" and merely enacting campaigns are conducting a "rite of passage" aided and abetted by their equally dumb parents. Like children used to ask their older generation "what did you do in the war (to save the planet in this case)?"

  3. Fracking is not required because of all the free gas that is burnt of every day at every landfill site in the country there is free gas in every abandoned mine under the UK but we can not use that because it is free and no one can make any money from that can they regards Graham Flowers

  4. The more I see of the 'Eco warriors' in the UK and the harm and disruption they cause – the less I support them and their cause. Not just me, but everyone in my family/friend circle. They are all hypocrites! They travel for miles to protest (on foot or by horse-drawn carriage?) No, by modern day transport – car, bus or train! And then block the roads which allow the free traffic of vehicles needing life-saving support

  5. Watching police standing by allowing these thugs to glue themselves to roads disrupting the public is a gateway for the government to bring in no protest law# and no free speech laws. Our kids are being brain washed and violated with gender violations, colleges & universities being encouraged to shut anyone up that does not agree with their narrative. Now we have Hunt as chancellor a man who admires the CCP if people don’t get their heads out their phones and push back strongly against this injustice it will be too late your all sleep walking to socialism or worse communism it’s happening right now today.

  6. Stick them all together on a deserted island so they can live the life they desire so much. See how many of them can actually build anything or grow anything and how long they last without their mobiles.

  7. just go and put these green idiots in caves around Britain take away their phones their comforts like deodorant fakeup washing m/c and see how long they last. Be like "I'm a greeny get me out of here"

  8. Net zero is nothing other than a massive wealth transfer perpetrated by the so called globalist elite of the WEF and UN, the WEF recently claimed that they "own the science", of course they do; because they fund it which ensures that the science weighs heavily in the favour of their narrative, they also ensure that their puppets in governments around the world ensure that there is no argument or dissent against their narrative. Speak out against it and see what happens to you…!!!

  9. They are not Net Zero Campagners the are CLIMATE TERRORISTS. Please stop giving these terrorists wishy washy names. Their terrorism will be responsible for killing countless thousands of our old people across Europe this winter NOT PUTIN. It is they that have cut off our energy supplies not Putin who has cut off nothing. Facts please not fiction.

  10. Shale gas is not the answer. We also have a water table under ground that will be affected by fracking, Sun Sea and wind plus nuclear can provide all the energy we need.

  11. All new world order deepstate operatives infiltrated in to destroy countries and destroy freedoms and rights to enslave the patriots people by corrupt politicians corrupt parliament corrupt officials/and governments

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