Claire Woodley “I am Australian” Melbourne November 13th 2021

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. Again… this is so embarrassing. Using your platform to talk about satanic abuse… only provides the MSM with ammunition to discredit what is such an important protest.

  2. So many need to ACKNOWLEDGE-it has been a Grave reality for many Australians.
    SatanicRitAbuse…is more common than not…and not a conspiracy THEORY ….
    Unveiling these ACTS OF TERROR AND exposing the DIGRACE these perpetrators really are…is the Only way forwards……..
    Much Love and Healing Hope's go out to AL L those who have or are enduring this reality

  3. Did she sing with her band? Her performance last week was truly epic! That needs to happen on a weekly basis at least until we get out of this mess and then on monthly basis for the rest of all time haha

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