Clare Daly spitting fire

Clare Daly Member of the European Parliament from Ireland

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  1. What a brilliant tirade from a highly intelligent and knowledgeable woman. Would readily sack 99% of the Australian parliament to find one like her to lead our nation.

    The truth is out there, and she nailed it!

  2. watching the news with a big head = Righteousness is it? You say christ here and there whatever you mean by it, but God seems to be just a backuo splurge for you to appeal to the majority “christian” following you have. btw, All sun Gods are born on 25 december, were killed and ressurrected – Horus Helios Buddha Krishna including Yeshua – So why not incline to God? You do not need a book so throw them all out, Abraham was righteous without literatue right? He saw his father deluded serving idols. Doing what you do gives 0 glory to god, 0 truth, 0 prudent fear of the doubtless day of judgement where almost all of mankind will be thrown into the wide expanse of Hell. Wake up.

  3. Great rhetoric…but is she talking to a mostly empty room?…..just like Brittish MP Bridgens was making a powerful speech in the about withdrawing m.RNA fizzer v.acc.ines to an empty room. Where were the rest of the bloated parasites? At the bar sipping pink gins I bet.

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