Class Solidarity or “Deplorables”? — The Left’s Failed Messaging.

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Jerry White

Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. Well done Jimmy. I'm a lefty but not the faux US definition of a lefty but the European definition and I'm not even far left although in the US I would be labeled as that no doubt. Jerry White absolutely made a complete fool of himself. What a disingenuous bs merchant. I'd rather have a beer with the previous guest Magnus than with Jerry White. He doesn't really get it.

  2. the Guy could have done some homework – Boogaloo Boys are anti-establishment militants that have common interest with BLM etc. This guy is sadly irrelevant. Its a low-bar though, i sure Jimmy could find some hard hitters worth their salt

  3. Notice how the elites preach unity to the poor an working class. But the minute the poor working class start to unify those same elites do every thing they can to crush them. This so called socialist prick jimmy is playing the clip of probably hasn't done a honest days work in his life.

  4. Dude. SERIOUSLY. You took that actual unifying message about differences in opinon coming together against the TRUE enemy of the people, The GOVERNMENT, and you flipped it as an opportunity to SELL SOCIALISM like it's the FUCKING ANSWER? What in the actual fuck am I WATCHING? GOVERNMENT IS INEFFICIENT AND CORRUPT, AND YOU WANT TO GIVE IT MORE CONTROL. What an absolute joke that is. You think you can convince libertarians to be lap dogs? HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! This is amazing.

  5. Right on, I just became aware of the Chicago 7 and there was OVERLAP. I cannot stress that word enough.
    You guys in the US need to review your own recent history.
    Go read your Gore Vidal.
    The United States of Amnesia?
    I'd update that to "The United States of Alzheimers" given your current president.

  6. Its so funny now I can tell who is watching network news just by the fact you can tell what "side" they are on. The problem is the left and right are both wrong. We all have different views on issues but before those can be debated you have to have values first. I dont know if that makes sense. Im not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  7. be careful with that one jimmy it could be a set up or a trap some thing doesnt feel right , please dont get sucked in ppl are deceitful he seemed alone in the crowd and these guys are pros so think real hard before you trust any of them on their first words but jerry is a loser you are right but idk might want to observe the other guy a bit before putting your neck out

  8. Sorry, Jimmy, just because nazis and white supremacists hate ICE does not mean there are grounds for solidarity. It is absolutely the same as saying that since a rapist is willing to rape black women and gay women right along with white women that there are grounds for class and racial solidarity. That's bullshit! and it destroys one's credibility to say otherwise.

  9. Jesus christ, class struggle obviously has a historical background in leftist politics. Just search 'class conflict' and read up the history of Marx etc. You can full recognise that fact at the same time as reaching out to individual disenfranchised working class people who may have got caught up in right wing politics to bring them on your side and change their mind. All both of you (Jimmy and his socialist guest) had to do was say that you condemn everything about the Boogaloo movement (it is predominately far-right even if there are also individual people within it who might have some socially liberal values like this guy), but that ultimately no individual person should be considered irredeemable. Jimmy literally probably understands this, but insists on forming wedges against leftists by simply reorganising logic, sparking controversies out of nothing for the sake of 'calling out' people for his youtube show.

  10. The Marxist religion and the supposed moderate progressive movement are of the same position. Eliminate opposition on the bases of belief. Jimmy, you are a tool, buddy. And right now you are showing the rest of us the truth of the left and it's implosive objective.

  11. I’m not going to google Jerry White and try to confirm, but based on his snobby attitude, accent, and apartment, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lives between 96th street and 116th on New York’s Upper West Side.

  12. Notice how Dore couldn't air this on its own but had to add extra commentary so he could cure Jerry out every 5 seconds. What Jerry is trying to explain is that the boogs are a far right organization. Regardless of them adopting "left" phrases their politics are that of the disgruntled middle classes, not the working class. It's the same reason the Nazi's called themselves socialists. The whole "Boogaloo" ideology is based around triggering a race war.

  13. Problem with people like this is that once someone has been labeled an "ist", they are automatically an enemy and nothing they say nor their actual positions matter anymore. That's how they work and it's one of the main reasons the left is going nowhere and normal people who see it move to the right that really doesn't have this problem.

  14. I work at a truck stop… I see a lot of “deplorables”. Please don’t reject them. They’re suffering too and need class solidarity. They have an attitude no doubt, which should be used for populist action, not right wing demagoguery.

  15. This attitude is why I have been over WSWS for well over a year now. They lie when they say their primary concern is class solidarity. Glad to see you have figured it out now, too.

  16. Dude, you really don't understand the issue. It isn't CAPITALISM. It is GOVERNMENT. The revolving door of the public and private sector is the problem. Corporate SOCIALISM is a problem. Non-incentivized collectivism breeds lazy finger pointers. It destroys PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Fuck man, you need to be shaken.