The most requested interviewee so far Michael West sits down with Jordan and explains all the little schemes people come up with to hoard wealth… and how the media helps them.

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Written by friendlyjordies


  1. This was incredibly insightful. Michael west has an extremely whole view of both Government shenanigans and the Media. Taking a 'Shrinking' view of why the media is the way it is now also explains why Government is so keen on restricting the ABC. Creating a level playing field. Well done on getting a great interview Jordies. Only thing I would note is that Jordan's segues from topic to topic need some work… I feel like we were talking media bubble, then from left field, Job Keeper…. Hang on…wut?

  2. Well I listened to Jordie the other day ranting about Scomo and it was fantastic to have my suspicions confirmed in such a direct way I'm not a fan of swearing which was a bit of a turn off. Now I also agree with Michael that the Liberal party concentrates so much on the budget like it is so important. Being a business woman how hard is it to add up the black and red columns and then make a big deal about deficit our surplus. One cannot run a business by always doing consultancies and not using the potential of staff. Government never listens to it's own people like scientist, carpenters, grass routes people,farmers who loose out continually., all areas of our country have amazing capabilities yet government never asks the people who have done well in their field. So we have career politicians who have no idea at all what they are doing. Help cause we need it.

  3. How does climate change and sustainability faction in for flight travel increases etc we need a balanced approach (not snuffing out comp but considered holistically)

  4. Re: 59:00 While I agree that it's certainly intuitive that improper money affects real estate prices (and for that matter, helps contribute to real estate development), I think it would have been better to justify with reference to the rule of law, rather than consequences. IMHO West seems to express a bit of discomfort in his claim about improper money and real estate prices, and I expect this is because of the complexity around what causes prices to rise. While, I think it is right to express humility on this front, I find it problematic to evoke consequences because this would seem to make this improper money more acceptable if our real estate market was cold and needed a boost.

  5. Does the existence of Labor being an actual opposition keep the LNP at a high standard in any way?

    34:45 the thing is you can predict or connect the dots with the sparse facts provided by these corrupt politicians because the cognitive deficit of psychopaths and sociopaths is that they underestimate their victims. They do not think that anyone else in society is as smart as they are but there are hobbyists online analyzing it and figure this stuff out for free! The independent journalists can report on them later and fill in the gaps with logic and freely or cheaply available academic principles. They are predictable it is just that they shuffle the deck is all they have a limited number of moves. It happens in many countries and historically so you just look at scandals in other countries then transpose it here. Dismantle the stories and then reverse engineer like Samsung and Apple do to one another's products every new release. What he has described is called intermitted reinforcement and blackmail carrot and stick.

    By that rationale the way to drag this government towards integrity is to do what Daniel Andrews did put caution to the wind take initiative and do not wait for permission from the feds they will follow his example as he pioneers ideas and they are chasing behind his real bravery as oppose to the federal governments impression of bravery.

    Side note i cannot believe Jordies jaw was not on the floor stunned at the insightful information for the entire conversation. No wonder why the government is trying to control these platforms this is turning into Wikileaks for Australia.
    44:56 this is manipulation and abuse outright by the Libs floating us all along.

  6. I'm really grateful for this video, it lends so much insight into the current state of Australia as well as lending some hope! You the real MVP Jordan, Michael West's work and mind is incredible

  7. also one of my biggest takeaways from this is that the internet is allowing people to access more diverse media, which is changing the revenue streams for the big media groups mentioned in this video, a process which they have recently lobbied to change with the news media bargaining code. the power hungry boomers at the top won't give up their empires, and though the landscape of media consumption is changing, they cannot keep up with it because they lie and distort the truth, and the younger generations are tired of the bullshit