Climate Bill A Huge Giveaway For Oil Industry Admits Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin might have expected a warm welcome when he appeared on Fox News to talk about the new Inflation Reduction Act. That’s because despite its description as a “climate” bill, the legislation is filled with giveaways and other goodies for the fossil fuel industry – all of which an increasingly exasperated Manchin attempts to explain to a skeptical Harris Faulkner.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss what’s actually in the Inflation Reduction Act and whether Fox News should be as excited about the bill as Exxon reportedly is.

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  1. You can dislike this all you want, but the current gas prices are turning Democrat voters into Republican voters, and they obviously can't stand that. They have to bring down gas prices, or they'll be wiped out in the midterms and in 2024, the 47th president will be Donald Trump.

  2. Jimmy you opened my eyes a bit but this drill extract then green that you’ve been reading really is so out of context given what they’ve done the last two years to the fossil fuel industry. So those words don’t mean anything and especially given that they just ignore laws ( ex. immigration)

  3. Our state has a lot of oil so we are heavily in debt. A couple billion dollars in roads is owed to the petroleum companies. The more they make the bigger tax break we have to give them so we go more into debt.

  4. You cant do windmills without fossil fuels. They last about 20years, they displace wildlife, kill birds and do not produce enough energy to be useful. This is all a scam. " Green New Deal" is a reboot of the "New Deal " also a scam. Read Antony Suttons work on FDR and wall street

  5. It's surprising to me that a smart, informed guy, like Jimmy, doesn't understand that we can't have "green" power sources without massive oil consumption. For example, to construct a single offshore turbine, 18,857 barrels of marine fuel is consumed. To construct an off-shore wind turbine farm comprised of 100 wind turbines, it takes 2 million barrels of oil. To lubricate one wind turbine, depending on size, it takes between 20 and 200 gallons of lubricating oil and it needs to be replaced at least once per year, and on and on and on. Same with solar. I won't list the details here for solar but, from mining, to manufacturing to transportation to disposal, oil, oil, oil and more oil. The day we run out of oil or stop producing oil, no more solar, no more batteries and no more wind turbines.

  6. Jimmy.. we need to get more oil and gas DOMESTICALLY. To be ENERGY INDEPENDENT AGAIN. Then we can expand wind and solar. And gradually roll back fossil fuels. But we will probably never get off fossil fuels 100%

  7. Look at what is happening in Germany Jimmy. Unicorn fart green energy has failed. The people face a bleak winter without fossil fuels. Stop supporting green new deal policies. Global warming is a another government scam. See Tony Heller vids for info on the topic.

  8. Didn’t they watch or listen to the Alex Jones Show’s last hour yesterday regarding cold fusion and it’s ability to produce mass energy without the toxic emissions?

  9. LOL The 'fossil fuel industry is the basis of modern civilization and prosperity. Replacement technology is erratic part time ineffective farce. Don't worry so about GHGs. I saw one calculation that said doubling CO2 in the air would raise temperatures .02C I think that overrated nonsense. In fact there cannot be any accurate calculation of a theoretical possibility due decades hence. Lack of data equals lack of proof.

  10. Couple of points here . Nothing a republican says will be ALLOWED to be unchallenged on cnn etc , nothing a democrat says will be ALLOWED to go unchallenged on Fox News etc . Also , there are a couple of other important things you've missed . The increase of corporation tax to 15% . Sounds good , doesn't it ?
    Nope . The people that are already avoiding taxes aren't getting their taxes increased at all . So , it's smaller businesses that have just had their taxes increased then ? Sounds like it , doesn't it .

  11. The international energy agency has calculated it will cost $170 trillion to fully replace global infrastructure/machines dependent on fossil fuels with green electric replacements. How much oil and gas will it take for this build out and where will it come from?

  12. If true, what I read was that we would be out of oil in 50 plus years and out of gas in 200 years, give or take. So, we are going to have to radically change our way of life, and when I say we, I won't still be here, but speaking generally There will have to be radical change, unless we all go up in a mushroom cloud before that.

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