Climate Bill Passes – Costs of living will surge

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Costs of living will surge, all for nothing.


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  1. "Environmentalists they don't give a shit about poor people"

    The fact you even said this.. Well shame on you. People like me will be targeted for wanting a livable planet.. Whilst people like you just want to carry on like everything is fine, hope you don't have kids & if you do, you are a terrible role model & I feel sorry for them.

  2. I wonder if alot of those who voted green will start whinging about increased power bills etc. Alot mates I know did and some are not that well off so time will tell once prices sky-rocket!

  3. The world is entering into a energy crisis, in saying this Australia has many of the worldā€™s natural resources. But unfortunately our leaders have sold us all out time and time again, the future right now is nuclear power and China is going all out building reactors (150 of them in total) this will cement their superiority on the world stage, what is Australia doing with nuclear? Nothing yes nothing that will benefit us as a country.

  4. Our hypocrites leaders and people should start producing our own goods in Australua. Start using Aussie made first.


    We cannot produce any goods.

    Just hypocrisy filled leaders

  5. What happens when there is no carbon? how are the trees and plants going to produce O2. I guess we will all die, and not change the climate, OK. All in the plan, re-newables means less. Less for you but not for me. Ha, ha, ha, a sucker is born every day, world wide.

  6. The cost of living is going to go through the roof. Itā€™s so disappointing when it is going to make no difference to the global emissions. So average Australianā€™s will suffer so much for some off the extremely rich to line there pockets even more and keep the brain washed lefties happy. Stand up Australianā€™s that know this and fight for our future. There is no such thing as totally green energyā€¦.

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