Clinton Cash Machine in Bed with Russians!


Judicial Watch President @TomFitton discusses the ongoing war in Ukraine and how the corruption of U.S. politicians contributed to Putin making the decision to invade Ukraine.

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Written by Judicial Watch


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  1. Ukraine's 3rd political party is a the Nazi party! These followers have been targeting and shelling the Greek and Russian speaking settlements in the DPR Ukraine for the last 8 years. Now when Biden wants to bury his families dealings with Burisma in Ukraine and Boris Johnson needs a deflection from the UK parliament having parties during the lockdowns, this was the perfect time to act. Both the US and UK gave tens of thousands of weapons to the Nazi party knowing exactly who they would target with them, the same DPR region. Putin had no other option to invade to prevent Ukraine from committing genocide against these people in the DPR region. This was all planned. Russia takes Ukraine, then the Biden family dodgy dealings can't be investigated. No one is now demanding Boris to resign. These leaders don't give a damn you gets killed and hurt in the process but just as long as they benefit from it. Putin had no choice to act to prevent the genocide. Check out Patrick Lancaster on YouTube, a US Navy veteran in the region and also see how happy the residents are now that Russian soldiers are in the area. Don't believe what is on MSM. The MSM is purely propaganda now and has been for several years.

  2. We’re being led Down the Path to Destruction by Marxist Leaning Leftist Elites using the MEDIA as Agents ? Globalist Dream is to destroy American Prosperity symbolized by Capitalism ! The Great American Middle Class is being destroyed purposely ! Democrats trying to protect their Gravy Train are just Useful Idiots ? Well on our way to being at the mercy of OPEC AGAIN ? Hold Dems and Biden Crowd Responsible ! 😤

  3. A lot of us have learned that when ppl like HRC is steadily repeating herself on issues like Russia, Russia, Russia we know to believe the opposite &/or that it is plain and simply put… projection.

  4. All I know is that Putin is seemingly waging war against every filthy liberal NAZI scum that I've hated for the past 40 years. FOX is pushing the same liberal narrative as every other liberal news source. I don't blame Putin for driving the NAZI scum out of Ukraine. I have never supported the NAZI European Union, and I don't plan on starting now over some scratch-off quick-fix any-which-way-the-wind-blows form of cut-out patriotism. Putin watched the same liberal NAZI entity steal the 2020 US Presidential election and place an insane pedophile into the Oval Office. I'm with Putin 100%.

  5. I'm a fairly young man I turn 60 next month what I've been hearing this since the clintons got into politics I've seen Do J come and go just like that Benedict Arnold William Barr now I understand the devil's in charge but I never get how to overcome this evil and don't think me a fool I understand the people are global and are being led like Lambs to slaughter but there has to be more righteous men such as yourself they can overcome this evil I am a poor man I don't have funds give to you but I'm going to start it may seem like nothing but I do put my money to good use for justice and Truth God bless you keep up the good work Tom I'm sorry that there is so much against you but God puts us in places that seem unbearable what would happen to mankind if God did not Place Joseph in the middle of pharaoh you get my drift I'm not the most intelligent man but I'm not stupid ass either go with God's blessing and do God's truth

  6. Hear about this….

    Matt Schlapp’s CPAC Took Six-Figure ‘Social Action’ Donation from Soros-Linked ‘Dark Money’ Network.

    This is how it works with democrats
    Big donations to a few people and they change the laws!

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