Clinton Gets Caught

Active measures

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  1. I think the F.B.I and Obama knew everything and were in charge of the campaign. Look how Obama just can't stay out of the Biden administration's foreign affairs. Let alone Hunters treasonous endeavors. Look at their business partners, China and Iran. If they hate America, Obama and Biden are doing business with them.

  2. We literally had this confirmed back in 2016 didn't we…?
    Like I specifically remembered hearing about how they confirmed she pulled it out of her ass in case she lost back then before the conspiracy narrative started..

  3. Might I bring to mind that this isn't Clinton's first rodeo with respect to disinformation campaigns. Remember that, according to her, an American citizen's exercise of his first amendment rights be creating a film that was not too kind to the Islamic prophet was the cause of instantaneous outrage across the world and incited violent attacks on US Embassies … including one in Benghazi.

    They got away with that one and influenced the election, which I bet Obama would have lost had the truth been known. {The truth being the administrations pursuit of 'regime change' has destroyed libya, egypt, syria, yemen, .. and is now destroying the ukraine…}

  4. The Clintons basically subverted the DNC and used the money to torpedo Bernie, then slander Trump. The thing is, Trump has a ton of real weaknesses, but the Clintons are in the same shape, so they needed something differentiating. They paid someone to make it all up.

  5. If you're upset that Hillary Clinton won't be punished, just remember:
    All it takes is one man with a sniper rifle willing to take one for the team. Be the change you want to see in the world.

  6. This means nothing. For the Democrats the only question truth they care about is who are you going to trust more? Me who has planted a knife into your back, or your own lying ears and eyes?

  7. That guys name being Mr. Sussmann is like something out of a children's cartoon. Like, I wonder who the bad guy could be. Is it the guy with the evil name? Naaaaah.

  8. I'm sure, if confronted by this, Clinton's reaction would be the same as when it came out about her mishandling of Benghazi; "What difference does it make?"

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