Clinton Lawyer ACQUITTED In Russiagate Trial | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to the acquittal of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in his trial for lying to the FBI as part of the Durham probe into the origins of the Russiagate scandal

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Kristin Eberhard:

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  1. This is the shit that is going to bring this situation to a head! Everyone knows that everything Billary Clinton does is criminal just like Obiden just like that little Bush bastard! The people need a court that isn't corrupt so they can prosecute these criminals and make a public example of them! Or we can stop pretending, get tribal, pledge allegiance to you and yours and start over from zero.

  2. sorry Krystal,(^& Saagar) anyone from the working class, or poor, would have been locked up to the max time allowed, for lying to the FBI (& 100% from that jury of shit-libs as well)
    Feds were in on it with Clinton the whole time, of course. Again, a regular, normal person would still be betrayed & destroyed by the FBI

  3. I’ve really been giving you guys a side eye for a couple months now but this has solidified my thoughts in regards to this show! You are really no different then the mainstream media but then how could you be on YouTube! All major story’s you blah over and you guys don’t do investigative journalism you get up there and just discuss mainstream talking points!!!! Saager and Krystal agree on almost everything but ones a republican and ones a democrat…… saager doesn’t match the republican movement in the least! And as for this sussman case! There were many revelations and truths revealed and instead of digging into them you just say the case was minute and a failure! I have now realized you all are the problem to and I must discontinue my support smh!

  4. 1.3k likes out of 41k views…. Sure wish we could see the dislike number cause y’all messed up big time with this! If you think ppl won’t retract there support please look no further then the young Turks 😡

  5. Of course Krystal doesn't think it's relevant that the Jury is made up of Clinton campaign donors and people with direct relationships with the accused. 🙄
    Tell me krystal,, would it be "cope" if a jury in a police case was made up of the accused cops nieghbor, and 3 former cops? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say it was "cope" to be concerned about that.

  6. Man this show just continues to turn further and further to the right. So this guy gets acquitted and so you bash the jury And tell your audience he is still guilty. Where is the coverage of on the GOP voter fraud that was just discovered? Make sure you bash Biden in almost every video no matter what. I don’t like palosi but showing pic of her next to Mitch and blaming her for obstruction is about as dishonest as it gets. I’m starting loose faith in you guys.

  7. I guarantee that this situation isn’t over. You guys have a good take on stuff overall, but you’re way off the mark here.

    There’s a massive RICO case being built in the background.

    You don’t spend 5 plus years on such a small charge. Durham had to have known that a conviction was highly unlikely in DC.

    However, Durham got Robbie Mook to admit on the record that Clinton was responsible for the fake allegations and Durham broke the attorney-client privilege barrier that the Clintons have used to conceal their nefarious deeds. The exhibits and billing records showed that the Clinton’s used Perkins Coie to do their dirty work. Previously that was veiled under attorney-client privilege. Now it’s not!

    Seriously this whole investigation has been going on for 5 plus years. Wait for the RICO. Another related case will be brought in a different jurisdiction.

    Sometimes you have to concede a battle to win the war.

    …also we found out that the FBI had a Sciff within the Perkins Coie office.

  8. Ok on the verdict but maybe you should discuss some of the crazy emails that emerged during the trial? At least have Aaron Mate on to tell you why this case was significant even if it ended in a not guilty verdict. This segment could have been a lot more informative.

  9. Mueller 2.0. I'm surprised they didn't hang out some of the underlings as they did with Mueller but otherwise this is non news. Has been for years. Let's stop pretending any of these investigations Muller/Durham et al are actually about holding people accountable as opposed to the busywork distraction they are designed to be and frankly are.

  10. It's funny how Krystal says it was a thin case – Jonathan Turley who seems to be about one of the only honest legal professors and minds left, laid out the evidence and says it was pretty clear that the case is: a) strong, b) should end up in a conviction. He added the caveat that that would be with a fair jury, which, of course, we know was not the case. pretty interesting the members of the jury had direct relations with the defendant, and the comments that came from the foreman afterwards.

    In other words, the game was rigged and the jury basically pulled jury nullification on a guilty lying sack-o-crap lawyer.

  11. Krystal voted for this. Krystal told us Russia interfered with our elections causing trump to win. Don’t forget.

    Krystal voted for Biden and $6 gas, possible war with Russia, baby formula shortages, and wokeness. Don’t ever let her forget or they will do the same thing in 2024

  12. “So, in the end, this wasn’t a big deal, but, uh, er, we know the jury was rigged, the judge was biased, the FBI continues to lie, obstruct, obfuscate and manipulate through their nafarious machinations, but the case was thin and let’s face it Micheal Sussmann is, I am told a really nice man” I am really starting to tire of these two, if I want apologies of how corrupt the deep state is, and that the harm our government is doing to us each and everyday, I’ll just watch the Morning Joe lineup of plagiarists and disgraced RINO’s and Iraq war apologists. In the end, I guess where you stand politically, and dare say, morally, is what lie you believe is worse!

  13. What? I usually think Krystal and Sagaar are pretty honest but now it sounds like they are shilling for the establishment. Sussman DID bill the Clinton campaign for his trip to the FBI and did lie to them. The establishment dismissed the case behind the scenes, clearly.

  14. The "little lie" by Sussman about the connection between Trump and the Russian bank, approved by Hillary as according to evidence at trial, set America spiraling on a 3 year conspiracy chase about Trump and Russian collusion. It damaged relations between the USA and Russia. It has affected America's ability to deal intelligently with the invasion of Ukraine. And it all transpired as a dirty plot engineered by Hillary's 2016 campaign. There is no disputing these facts anymore, though Hillary's campaign did its best to hide everything. Read some of Matt Taibbi's writing on the issue. How can this female moderator be so dismissive of Sussman's lie? It makes no sense, and from her facial expressions, even she doesn't appear to believe what she is saying. It is a shame the male moderator did not have the courage to push back a little more aggressively.

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