Clinton Lawyer NOT GUILTY In Russiagate Trial, Trump SLAMS Corrupt Legal System Protecting Democrats

Clinton Lawyer NOT GUILTY In Russiagate Trial, Trump SLAMS Corrupt Legal System Protecting Democrats. Liberals argue this proves Trump wrong, conservatives point out Hillary donors were part of the jury pool.

The issue of Russiagate is particularly esoteric but one thing is certain, neither side will accept the results. Democrats cried foul when Trump won in 2016 arguing all the insane theories they could muster, theories about Russia we know to be false.

But now many are awaiting Durham to win some accountability for the right. Unfortunately it seems to not be going so well as Michael Sussman has been found not guilty.

Perhaps the issue is that the country is too divided. As red states get redder and blue states get bluer having a fair trial will be impossible


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Just shows trials in DC don't work, because even the people they would draw the jury from are corrupt like the politicians–a bunch of vipers. It's so ugly there because of the corruption, I sometimes think we should turn the area into a huge museum after removing all power from the Feds that isn't in the Constitution. This is why the founders tried to limit their power. But perhaps Durham already knew what would happen and did this there to wake the country up to just how corrupt DC is. In the future, I believe they'll study the psychopathy of these people and be amazed by their corruption and criminality. Over these past few years we've grown up a lot out here watching the elites and observing the true ugliness of character they've embraced around the world. We will never trust our institutions again, from our politicians and bureaucrats, legacy media, medical leaders, global power structures like the UN, etc. The mask is off and they will find it more difficult to govern an angry people. Their days are numbered without public trust.

    I disagree with you about the elections, Tim. All you have to do is look at the numbers. We only have so many true voters. Go over that amount and it's obvious fraud.

  2. Why would the law clerks be worried? At least it 'appears' the court is taking this leak seriously. As for the phone companies, they only hand over records for one side of politics

  3. Do not let "Davos" Tim discourage you. The truth matters! Call it out! Say it! Whether the other side is willing to part from the stage of grief, denial, should have absolutely no bearing on your dedication to the truth! SPEAK UP!!! RUB THE TRUTH IN THEIR FACES!!! SHAME THEM!!!

  4. Maybe people would understand if you didn't suck at your job. You SERIOUSLY think John Durham has been investigating this for nearly 4 years, to come up with one inconsequential charge on a low level employee of the Clinton campaign?!?!?! After he just received testimony, in the same trial, that Hillary signed off on this fraud?! You think John Durham didn't know that Sussman was operating his own FBI portal from his law office at Perkins Coie??? You clearly aren't familiar with the old mafia cases when they were building RICO charges. Criminal conspiracy. Funny how the judge specifically mentioned that, huh?!?

  5. The Democrats are like all communist organization they lie cheat or what ever its takes to steal power.
    Its time to take back our country back or lose it
    Trump's only crime is fighting for the American people

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